Goong mania

So I have been watching Goong and I’m at the 19th episode now~

It’s a really good show. When I watch it, somehow, I feel as though I’m back in the characters’ time of a constitutional monarchy Korea. Or maybe it’s just the magic of Kdramas. Sucked me back into Kdrama land. Even though the main characters are played by actors and actresses just starting out, I feel that they did a good job with facial expressions. Even if they’re not good in acting, facial expressions convey what their characters feel and what their characters want to say most. It’s so good that me as a viewer actually feel for their characters. You only know if your show is a success if the audience feels for the characters and sympathizes with them.

I felt that Joo Ji Hoon (Lee Shin)’s acting was kind of stiff but I let that slip by me probably because I know the character he’s portraying has to be like that. Sort of. Yoon Eun Hye ( Shin Chae Gyung) is so funny and lively, I think she did a good job in portraying her character. The drama doesn’t exactly follow the manga, although they did put in some parts that did happen in the manga.

I’d say the manga is better. But maybe that’s because I’m always biased to the original work of art. I only watched the show because I like staring at visuals as they help me remember stuff better. Visual-Audio Learner you know 🙂
Okay I’ll try not to be so biased. The drama is good in it’s own way too. If you didn’t read the manga then of course your vote would go to the drama. But honestly, the manga was much better in my opinion because it was way funnier. Take the screenshots I took below as an example. Whenever I feel bored, I just look through my screenshots for the following few and laugh my head off.






Okay the last screenshot is kind of sad but something to think about too. I feel sad for Lee Yul.

But it kind of goes to show that Chae Gyung loves Shin and that that fact wasn’t going to change.

After reading this manga, I really wondered why my life wasn’t a manga/Kdrama. These girls who aren’t pretty or smart in all these mangas get the really good guys.

That’s not fair.

Is that supposed to make me happy and proud that I’m not pretty or smart either? O.O

In that case, I hope I get a really good guy in the end. ^^

There are lots of other screenshots I took while reading Goong but I’ll post them here another time when I have the time 🙂

And I still can’t get over Hana Yori Dango. Damn, I’m starting to wish I didn’t read and zoom through the manga so fast.

Oh yeah then I was talking to James earlier on and we were discussing Avengers Alliance. And me whining to him about not being able to get Magik after all. *sigh*

Below is a screenshot of part of our conversation. We were talking about the Spec Ops and their hero rewards. The 3 hero rewards so far are Mockingbird, Emma Frost and Magik.


Well I hope that cracked a smile on your face if it didn’t crack earlier on while reading the Goong screenshots 🙂

Andrew asked me who I was talking to while shooing me away from the computer and I told him, ‘I’m talking to James about Avengers Alliance.’

And you know what that stick-uppity brother of mine told me?

‘You geeks.’

Pfft. If loving Marvel means branding me a geek then fine.


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