Soooo today was another interesting day at school.

I woke up at 7.30 AM this morning, but I was having such a good dream that I wanted to go back to sleep to continue the dream. It was really a good dream. Honest. I didn’t want to forget it so I told Sammi what my dream was about. She laughed and laughed and laughed at my ridiculously childish and silly dream ^^

So I went back to sleep! For another 10 minutes before I decided that I had to get up or else I would be late for school. And I was late in the end.

Had the first lesson of the day, which was Presenting for TV and Radio and it was quite okay, I think. But this module was the first one to give us homework T.T

The teacher released us early and we had nearly 2 hours of lunch break after Mr Azhar’s class. Waited for Sam, Char and Vi to come join us and eat their lunch. Sam gave me a ring she bought from Bangkok that read ‘I ❤ (insert picture of a moustache)’. The irony is that I don’t like guys to have moustaches so guys, if you see me wearing that ring, do not assume that I like your moustaches.

We had Mr Azhar’s lecture then and it was … bearable. The chairs in that lecture theatre are really horrible, they slant downwards so the angle I’m sitting is not proper and it made my butt hurt. I was itching to get up from that butt-killer chair. Mr Azhar released us 45 minutes earlier than the supposed release time and the Monsters decided to go AMK hub to slack around.

We had another Vivienne – innocence experience. It was waaaaaaaay funny but I shouldn’t write out which word she inquired about this time. Before we knew it, we were listening to Sam give Vivienne a talk on basic S education. The guys are so funny, they refuse to tell Vivienne what the word was about and tried to go around it but it didn’t work. Sam and Char’s technique was to tell her directly in the face HAHAHAHA.

We went to the nEbo cafe there and Vi, Sam and I watched Running Man. I decided to watch it because everyone these days are telling me to just watch that show. So since it was accessible to me, I decided to give it a try. And the 3 of us must have looked ridiculous and nuts, we were going hysterical laughing our heads off.

In my case, I was stamping my feet too.

I went home first, then continued watching where I left off from that episode. And LOL-ed so hard.

I think that So Hee is so cute and pretty. She even looks like Sunny from SNSD. To me, that is.

She looks so adorable too! I really liked the part in episode 75 whereby she took a mathematical sign, then bolted out of the door and the Commander, seeing Kwang Soo heading in her direction to steal her mathematical sign, charged straight at him like a bull and pushed him away from her yelling ‘BACK OFF!’ HAHAHAHAHA ^^




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