End of the first week

So today marks the end of the first week of school of the second semester!

I had a better-than-average week due to the Monsters 🙂

We attended Effective Communications class yesterday and we were told to seat ourselves opposite someone and talk to them for one minute about something that Miss Suki would show on the screen. So being very smart, the Monsters rotated among ourselves. We were told to seat ourselves in groups of 6 and so we did. The next thing Miss Suki said was:

‘This is the group you will be working with for the next (???) weeks.’

And we were ecstatic. Ecstatic like YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH ecstatic HAHAHAHA. I’m really happy because this is the first class that I’m in the same group as the rest of the Monsters and I get to work with them. I love you guys so much ^^

For the activity that the groups played against each other, because we’re the Monsters, our bond is already so close. And I must say that I wasn’t really surprised when our group got the best score. Monsters FTW! (Y)

We did a lot of stupid stuff yesterday too. It’s too hilarious to write everything in detail here.

I had my first night class yesterday too. Even though the module was kind of dry, I did my best to pay attention to whatever Mr Rizal was talking about because he said that he would be saying important stuff that weren’t in the slides.

Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention at first. Then during the break, he asked me if the lesson was dry. And I was like,

‘Uh, a bit ah.’

Then he said he understood, but that he hates it most when interns come in and because they didn’t pay attention in class, they had to learn everything from scratch again. When I heard that, inside my brain was going, ‘SHIT OKAY, I’LL PAY ATTENTION NOW.’

HAHAHAHA. I’ve suddenly become so guai for semester 2.

Char, Sam, Bjorn (and later Danish) came with me to AMK Hub to visit St. Louis to get a few accessories. They were all so pretty~ Too bad I can’t buy all the necklaces and bracelets.

The first photo shown below is the first necklace is originally intended to buy because of the pretty blue flowers and dark background with gold glitter at the side. But due to a misfortune, it got accidentally flung out of the basket I was holding and it broke. It broke my heart to see it destroyed like that too 😦
And the policy there was ‘Once broken, considered sold’ so I had to pay an extra 2 bucks for the broken necklace. The necklace was not the only one broken. My heart broke at the thought of wasting such a pretty necklace.


The photo below is the second necklace I chose and bought. It’s orange and I like it because it reminds me of a sunset 🙂 It looks all glittery and magical-ish to me. I bought a bracelet too with smiley stars on it too. If you want to buy pretty necklaces and bracelets, I’m telling you, GO VISIT ST. LOUIS NOW. The accessories there have been discounted by 10 bucks and are now only 2 bucks. BUT. DO NOT FLING THEM ON TO THE FLOOR.

So this is my necklace now. It’s pretty right? ^^

I’m going to wear my bracelet tomorrow. I don’t have many bracelets and I want to wear more of them. Most of the bracelets i have are not decent enough or something else.

Oh yeah. Vivienne is so cute. I seriously hope some guy out there in the world will love her dearly with all his heart because she is so adorable. Char showed me a video still of her earlier on and she just looked so cute, I wanted to reach out and pinch her cheeks! ^^ And I’m sure some guy will love her because how can anyone not like Vivienne?

Just be patient Vivienne. And you will reap the rewards of being patient 🙂

Char is my mommy and kind of like my older sister. I turn to her if I need mature advice. And she has the calmest head among the rest of us in the Monsters. I’m really glad she has someone in turn, to support her. And that person happens to be an apple O.O

Sam is my twin sister. She is very likeable and fun-sized. her height fits her personality so.

Don’t be sad that you aren’t taller HAHAHA.

She has become my fellow stalker and potential paparazzi. I’m glad that she has a partner that complements her ^^

Need to zao already. I’ll talk about the guys another time bye~!


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