First meeting at CYA and some randomness

Oh I think I just got confused with the two different Wednesdays.

I got confused with tomorrow’s Wednesday and next Wednesday, 31st October.

Shit. So let me get this straight. The make-up tutorial for Journalistic Writing is tomorrow’s Wednesday and it’s from 2-4pm.

And there’s a Campus Mass NEXT Wednesday at NP but I already told them I can’t attend it because I got confused and mistook it for TOMORROW’s Wednesday.

Damn. What is wrong with me?

Sigh. That means that even though I can go for the Campus Mass next Wednesday, I won’t be going because I already told them I wouldn’t be able to go. That also means that I won’t get to see …


Fine I shall just go for the All Saints’ Day mass on 1st November, Andrew’s birthday.

Anyway I went for the CYA meeting yesterday for the first time and I thought it was pretty good. When I was walking towards the room, I nearly crashed into this tall guy. It took me a while to recognise him and say,

‘Hi Father! ^^’

He was a little surprised that I knew who he was hahaha ^^

So anyway yesterday’s meeting was discussions about a passage from James 4:1-17. It’s really interesting and it seems as though St James knew that people in today’s present day would be like that. Honestly, the reading wasn’t easy to understand. I had to read it 3 times before I understood majority of the reading.

But the reflection questions that Father Alex had prepared for us to reflect on, they were really really good and it got me thinking about several things.

What is your usual response when your desires are frustrated?

‘…making the world your friend’ means to have one’s values and desires shaped by a secular culture rather than by God. How is ‘the world’ trying to get you to love it now? How is that related to your faithfulness in God?

St James instructs us to do the following things in our relationship with God:

1. Surrender to God. As opposed to following the ways of the world
2. Be humble. See your need for God’s grace
3. Resist the Devil. Submission to God begins with resisting the enticements of evil, rather than giving in to them.
4. Come near to God. Ask for God’s help and forgiveness.
5. Purify your hearts. Cleanse yourself from all the ways of the world.
6. Be sad, sorry and weep. Change your ways and ask for God’s forgiveness.
7. Make up your mind to serve and honour only one God, your Lord
8. Self – emptying. Getting rid of the sins, pride and egoism within you.

Whom are you most likely to speak against or judge?

So anyway, after doing this exercise, I realised that I actually judge a lot of people. A LOT. I’m not proud of it, because it shows how judgemental I’ve been. Father said that when we judge others, we are judging ourselves more because the things we judge others are what we don’t have or hate about ourselves. We are letting others see more weaknesses about ourselves. SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I can’t really remember the exact words he said 😦

So we did group discussions in groups of 3 and I think that sharing went pretty well.

Oh yeah, at the end of the meeting, Father offered to drive me back and drop me off hahaha but I declined the offer because currently, I don’t have bus concession.

The screenshots below come from recaps of The Woman Who Still Want to Marry. This is one of the best kdramas I’ve ever watched because I feel that I can relate to the characters. Besides, Kim Bum acted in it hohoho~

The screenshots below are sections of what the recapper recapped and commented on. And I gotta say this:



Did you see that there?

‘Min-jae again tells her that he likes her. RIGHT. TO. HER. FACE. Listen, I don’t know what ya’ll look for in an ideal guy or girl, but this is it for me right there. Someone who can say that to your face has some serious cajones…’

I. Totally. Agree. With. You. girlfriday.


The sentence that caught my eye was this:

‘Why do you like me?’ asks Shin-young, still laughing. ‘You have no reason to like me,’ she decides.

‘You have no reason to like me.’

no reason.


Okay the thing that touched me here in this last screenshot is this:

‘Min-jae teases, ‘You’re right. You’re older, not very pretty, have a rotten personality, and you’re not even a successful reporter. If there’s no reason to like you, but I still like you, doesn’t that mean that I REALLY like you?’

That last sentence that Min-jae said to Shin-young just killed me.

‘If there’s no reason to like you, but I still like you, doesn’t that mean that I REALLY like you?

I love Ha Min-jae so much. Sweet, sweet, cutie Kim Bum. Sweet, fluffy bunny ^^


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