No mood

My mother just offered to teach me accounting, which the new module I have to take, out there to kill me. It’s the new killer module that replaced Marketing from the first semester but worse. I can’t grasp it at all.

I need real help for it but the problem with me is that, things I know that I’m weak in, I don’t like to do them. It’s exactly because I don’t understand the subject and I’m really bad at it, that’s why I don’t usually put extra effort into it. Who spends extra hours doing something something laborious and something they’re bad at?

Exactly my point.

But that’s where my weakness is. And that’s why I usually fail and do really badly at these subjects. Come to think of it, the subjects that I’ve been really bad at all the time are related to math.

But but come to think of it now, I FREAKING WISH I COULD AMATH AGAIN. At least those questions made sense. Now when I read an accounting question, all those terms and numbers turn my mind into a mess and then into a blank. I can’t think at all and I don’t know where to start.

If there was a video editor watching my face in class, I bet he’d draw multiple question marks around my face.

I declined my mother’s offer to teach me accounting because

1. I’d rather consult a professional. That way, I’d feel safer while doing my most dreaded subject now.

2. I’m absolutely not in the mood to do accounting now. Numbers and I don’t match. My brain automatically goes *REJECT REJECT* when they see numbers and a hell lot of foreign word terms.

3. The problem with me is that I’d always avoid what I’m not good at and what I don’t like. I wish I had the strength to face my fears head-on but I’m such a coward.

How on earth do the Accounting students stand it???

Somebody, save me please.


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