Today was a good day, overall. I had to do some food sneaking for the first time because there wasn’t a vacant table for me to eat lunch by myself.

I wore a ribbon in my hair today too~ I love ribbons ^^

And I really like the lessons I had today. Legal Issues was really interesting, Effective Communications was really fun and Software Applications for Mass Media was interesting too. Nothing much to talk about them. I wish Effective Communications was longer though. The teacher ended it 15 mins early 😦

Oh yeah I ended up giving in to temptation today to buy a necklace choker with blue stones on it. It was so pretty I couldn’t resist it 😦 I also bought an 8G thumbdrive that costed me only $8.50.

Oh yeah we went to AMK hub to eat and this was my dinner:


Fish and wedges! Not Fish and chips hahaha ^^

I really like Mr Rizal cos he walked by me several times while I was using twitter and whatsapp and he didn’t say anything ^^ Haha and he’s a good teacher too. If you bother to listen to his lessons 🙂

Bjorn and Danish waited with me until my father came to pick me up then they left. Thanks guys! ^^

Oh yeah. Who wants to watch The Perks of being a Wallflower with me? It’s got the awesome Emma Watson and handsome Logan Lerman in the lead roles ^^


Watch it with me, someone pleaseeeeeeeee


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