Mass Effect 3

I must say, I’m pretty intrigued by this game Andrew has been playing on the computer the last few days.

Game freaks, you’d know this game, I’m sure.

Called Mass Effect 3.

I’m so intrigued by it because it’s an action-war game in the galaxy. So it’s like… Star Wars I suppose, even though I’ve never watched all the Star Wars movies.

I like the idea that the character the player controls is a Spectre and a Commander. So everyone calls you ‘Commander’ hehe. And in this game, your character fights for a cause.

Also, if you choose Commander Shepard to be a female then there’s Kaidan to think about… 🙂

I went to find out what happens in the end of the game and I was quite surprised/shocked. Whichever option you choose that will stop the Reapers, Commander Shepard will have to sacrifice himself/herself. I don’t know which is worse; to destroy everything, including yourself; to sacrifice corporeality to command the Reaper fleet and lose your body completely or to add your organic life energy to the Crucible and die in it while creating a new DNA and race.

They all seem pretty bad to me and the stakes are high. I wonder if the game makers are willing to make a Mass Effect 4. But I doubt it since in 2 of the options, Shepard has to die.

Thinking about this game has made me realise that I like stories like this one because I like action shows with romance as a subplot. No wonder all the Marvel and DC comics movies are all in my favour ^^

As compared to watching Andrew play Skyrim or Assasin’s Creed, watching him play Mass Effect 3 has been the most interesting.


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