I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. This weight was there since last week and it has bothered me for exactly 1 week. Today was the day that I decided to get rid of it.

If it weren’t for Sam and Char who encouraged me to ask Mr Azhar whatever I still had  to clarify with him, I think up til now, I would be still thinking about it, probably kicking myself mentally for not clarifying things when I had the chance to.

Sam was right. If I didn’t ask him whatever I wanted to earlier on, I would still be miserable, thinking about it. Thank goodness I finally have this weight lifted off me. I feel enlightened. Sort of.

Anyway, I just watched Pitch Perfect because I love listening to acapella and I think the whole show was amazing, apart from the abnormal puking parts. I don’t understand what kind of puking condition Aubrey had but I want to find out. The songs were absolutely amazing and I really liked the character Chloe, played by Brittany Snow. I was pretty surprised that I couldn’t recognise Brittany Snow as Chloe, because I saw her act as Amber in Hairspray. Maybe it’s the hair colour difference. I also think that the character Fat Amy was so adorable. Something like Vivienne haha ^^

Vivienne cheered me up by giving me a poster of The Wanted! THANK YOU VIVIENNE YOU’RE SO CUTEEEE~ I’m gonna paste that poster next to my bed and stare at my Nathan all night if I can’t go to sleep hehe ^^

I also got a haircut and I’m very pleased with it~ Best haircut I got probably of all time 🙂

Here are some movie stills from Pitch Perfect since I’m still having after-effects from the movie~

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Hoo boy, for some reason, I really really really love acapella boy groups ^^

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Yep. Best final’s mash-up song I’ve ever heard.


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