So I went to church today at 9.30 because I had to attend YL session after that. And I attended it with Joey. And his brother. Alex was late as usual, so I guessed that he would sit upstairs and he did haha.

My mother had given this huge packet of wang wang crackers to me this morning, telling me to give it all away because she wanted to get rid of it. I didn’t want to take it with me but she insisted so I had no choice.

After mass, I went around giving out the crackers. Some didn’t want to even try them but thank goodness for the buffet gang! Thank you Bryon, Joey, Alex, Matthew and Daniel! My buffet gang really ate a lot of those crackers like, well they were on a buffet ^^

Thanks to them, that huge giant packet of wang wang crackers was reduced by half haha. We went upstairs and when Eric saw me, he stared at me with this incredulous look on his face before finally saying, ‘Did you change your look or your personality?’

It’s just the look, I’m still me 🙂

We had the hamster session again and we then had lunch! It rained again today.

But it was worse yesterday.

Sigh. Why does it always rain at the wrong times?

Anyway that’s it today. I’m gonna lepak around now. Goodbye~


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