To myself

Dear Sarah,

this past week has been awesome and very memorable. You know that this is the week you’ve been waiting for all year and you know that it would be fun and meaningful. And the thing was, it was.

I love the YLs so much. This includes my Buffet Gang: Matthew, Alex, Joey, Bryon and Daniel and my 4 girls: Jacq, Kim, Grace and Yvonne ^^

This year’s caroling was filled with much fun, surprises and joy. And I even received something unexpected, in a good way. I always like to speculate what happens next, but I figured that that wouldn’t do much good. Especially after at least 3 days of worrying and doubting God that the world would end on 21st December. Since I survived the doomsday and am typing this now, I shall make a resolution that I always make. But this one’s to reinforce my other past resolutions that are the same as this one 🙂

I shall not doubt God. And leave everything that is meant to happen, to him in his own time.

I can’t help speculating and guessing and wondering and imagining the future but what will really happen isn’t up to me to decide is it? God still decides all our futures in the end.

I just hope that he’s listening to my prayers up there in Heaven and that he’ll answer them soon.

Because when he does, I hope I’ll be ready. Ready to see a revelation.


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