Annoyed max.

I can’t take this nonsense okay.

I’m doing what everyone else does during their holidays. Relaxing and stuff, since I can’t do this much during school days.

Why must you come in and butt into my business and find trouble with me when I’m not doing anything illegal?

And what the bloody hell is wrong with talking while walking away?!

I can obviously see that you want to pick a fight with me and you know that you will win because no matter what, you always win in every fight. Right, because you’re my father.

Well excuse me, just because you’re my father doesn’t mean that you’re always right. And it doesn’t mean that you know better, just because you’re my father.

What a stupid thinking, to think that you know better and to think that you’re always right, just because you’re older, my father, the one I’m supposed to give back a lot to and a man. I’m sorry, but that’s just a whole lot of ego you’ve got there.

You always want to find fault with me. That’s it, isn’t it?

I wish I could slap you awake whenever you get into this pick-on-everyone mood. I wish you’d allow me to tell you my side of the story instead of jumping to conclusions and putting all the blame on me when actually, you’re at fault too.

But I don’t see that happening in the future. Either of them.

I’m sorry to everyone out there who has to read whatever has been written above. I just had to let out my emotions and say everything I could put into words about this person called my father. He’s one person who I can never be truly sure if I love 100% or not. I’m pretty sure that once I have a partner, my ranking of people I love would be this:

1. My partner
2. The YLs/the Monsters
3. My mother/my cousins
4. My siblings/my secondary school bandmates

Just to let you guys know, I do love my father. He’s just not in the top 3. I’m sorry if I offended any fathers out there, or anyone’s father out there. I’m pretty sure all fathers are great in their own ways.



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