Peculiar dreams

I had a dream on Monday night and when I woke up on Tuesday, I was really intrigued by it. I tried to remember its details but I couldn’t remember all of it. In order not to forget the dream I had, on my way to school, I did my best to recall what it was about and what happened in it.

It’s really hard to explain the whole story here but I’ll try my best to describe it to you.

The setting was like in Texas, the kind I visualise in my head like the Texas in Jasper Whitlock’s story (From Eclipse). It was kind of deserted but there were wooden houses around. The kind of place you imagine Texas to be. I was with a few people but I can’t remember their faces so I don’t know who I was with. Together with these people, we were watching a bunch of carts/caravans go by under the moonlight (it was full moon) and they seemed to be gypsies. There was a strange aura around them, almost suspicious but intriguing. Curious, we went to check it out and followed the gypsies.

We came to a facility and they told us that everyone who was there had to be assessed one by one. They wouldn’t tell us the reason behind it though. Wondering what kind of assessment it was, we all cautiously agreed to it and were led into a huge room filled with people dressed in the same white gown. I remember in my dream that the white gown looked like the kind hospital patients wore. We waited in there for ages. When I asked a nearby person what we were going to be assessed about, he told me that he didn’t know, but that they were looking for people who had qualities that they wanted and were valuable to them. When I asked if it was good to get chosen, he said he didn’t know, but that it was supposed to be good if you got chosen. However, he added that there was a bad feeling if one got chosen, as though the person would not come to a good end eventually.

I got called up and was lead into another room whereby a panel of assessers sat in front of me and asked me several questions. i can’t remember what the questions were in my dream but I remember them smiling and nodding to themselves in satisfaction. Before they even announced it, I knew that I’d been chosen already. I was led to another room but on the way there, I spotted the members of the CYA standing along the path that I was supposed to take and the one nearest to me whispered urgently to me as I passed him to quickly follow him. I did and he pushed me into a room with steel door that was behind him. From the inside of the room, I could hear the shuffling of feet and an announcement going on. A few minutes later, the same member came into the room and told me that I had to escape and that they were going to help me. He told me that when he gave his signal, I was to get out of the room the same time the rest of the unsucessful assessed people emerged from the adjacent room and blend in with them until I made it to the exit and made a run for it.

And that is exactly what I did. When the door adjacent to my current room opened and a flood of people poured out, I got out of the room and blended with them, just as instructed and ran for the exit when I was near to it.

When I finally burst out of the facility, I breathed in the night air and these thoughts came into my head. Those people saved me. The CYA members saved me. They risked their lives to save me, who knows what will happen to them now?

Because of that last thought, I remembered my dream pretty well. Maybe my dream is telling me that someday indeed, the CYA members will save me, some way or another.


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