The Leap Years (2008)

I’m supposed to do a movie review on The Leap Years for my school assignment but I shall do one here anyway in my own way, using my own format. One that won’t be assessed and marked.

So. The Leap Years.

I didn’t know what to expect from watching this movie but I did because I had to. Thank goodness this is finally an ENGLISH local movie that we have in Singapore. I read that before this movie came out, all the previous local movies were all chinese. So that makes this movie the first English local movie in Singapore! Yayyyyyy~

So basically, we meet the main character of the story, Li Ann, who has been searching and looking out for her ‘everything’ ever since she visited a fortune teller in her teens. The fortune teller told her that she would love and lose her everything. But that she would have to be patient.

Over the years, Li Ann visits several fortune tellers to ‘peek into the book of fate’ and she claims that everything they have foretold have come true. Then on her 6th birthday (since she is born on a leap year), she goes to the Windows Cafe and watches a man sitting there. She is intrigued by him and she sends him a note to ask him out that night. He agrees with the following words in a very cute way:

So they go out that night and at the end of 2 hours, both realised that they actually enjoyed their time together. Jeremy makes Li Ann a promise to meet her every leap year on the 29th of February ‘same time, same place’.

The funny thing about this movie is that the two main characters do not exchange any form of contact information with one another even after they realise that they have feelings for each other. They can only wait for the next leap year before they can communicate with each other again. So during the 4 years apart, they just spend all their days pining for the other without any form of contact. Which is pretty impressive, considering that their love held out for 12 years and they only met up 4 times in that span of 12 years. Still.

The show goes on to tell us what happens during the 4 leap year days and I was not expecting to see the events that happened on the second leap year. I think the third leap year was quite sad as it was the day that Li Ann lost her ‘everything’. What happened on the fourth leap year was the most touching scene to me.

Personally, I really liked The Leap Years as I love romance movies and I’m such a sop for them. It was touching and sweet, even if it was a little ridiculous and illogical. I don’t see the point of making Vernetta Lopez’s character lesbian though, it didn’t make an impact on the story in any way.

And since this is a review and not a story telling post, I shan’t reveal the outcome of the story here. The story is quite predictable though. I’d say, if you’re interested to know more and if you’re looking for a romance movie to watch, try watching The Leap Years because it’s a local production and it’s sweet.


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