Ah Boys to Men (2012)

Okay before I start a movie review on Ah Boys to Men, a Jack Neo film about Singapore’s system of National Service for all males who turn 18, I just want to say that I’m pretty impressed by the number of views this blog garnered in just two days. I’m going to try blog about certain topics that I feel have relevance to whatever interests you guys. One thing’s for sure though, I love watching movies and writing about my opinion on them. So the movie reviews will keep coming. I’ll watch most of any movie you can think of, except horror movies. I’ll gladly take any rom-com movie you throw at me, as well as any superhero movie ^^

So anyway. Ah Boys to Men.

Thanks Danish for lending me the DVD! ^^

This story opens with Singapore coming down under fire. The special effects looked quite unrealistic to me but I guess the production crew tried their best. Civilians get shot and die under the hands of soldiers from an unknown country.

The story follows Ken Chow, a recruit who doesn’t want to enter National Service. Him being a rich, spoilt brat, has his mother and grandmother’s support to help him get out of the army but to no avail. Ken enters NS reluctantly. There, he meets all sorts of guys from different backgrounds. They go through the first two weeks together before they have their first book out. Ken finds out that his girlfriend has left him for another guy and he gets angry and frustrated. He returns to Tekong looking like he’s half dead.

Determined to hold on to his girlfriend and send her off overseas at the airport, Ken tries his very best to make himself sick and eventually, he gets a heat stroke. Many people are affected because of this and his father gets involved in an accident. Realising his selfishness has caused so many people around him to get affected, Ken resolves to return to his BMT with a different attitude.

That’s the main story line but what makes this movie so enjoyable to watch were the re-enactments of NS in Singapore long ago and the different ways the guys tried to ‘geng’ themselves out of their training.

I really enjoyed this show because I knew how it felt. Going to Tekong, eating at their canteen, saying the last goodbye to my brother before they finally left us to start their training, the feeling when my brother had his first book out. It was kind of like a celebration, like the one in the movie, just smaller.

For some reason, I liked the dialogue in this show because it was full of wit and humour. And the sergeants were all appropriately fierce as I imagined them to be.

The only thing that I can fault this movie is the unrealistic special effects at the start of the show and the rather predictable story line. The saving grace was the humour and sarcasm by the characters. One scene in the movie touched me in particular. At the beginning of the movie, there was a war in Singapore and soldiers got killed. One of the soldiers looked at one of those who got shot and he started to cry saying in horror that it was his buddy that got shot. The sergeant told him that they had to move on and the crying soldier told his buddy that they’d come back for him.

In conclusion, I rate this movie a 3.5/5. I can’t wait to watch part 2 ^^

Finally, happy one year anniversary to my blog. Thank you to those who helped this blog grow and become what it is today 🙂


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