A day with the Monsters

I had a presentation yesterday but that’s not the main point. After the presentation, DBS went to find SCV at AMK Hub and I had Salmon Pepper Lunch, which took so long to come. But it was really really good. And because it took so long to come, I was so hungry, I didn’t bother to take a photo of it. Oh well~

DBS then went to Vivienne’s house and I watched as Bjorn, Charlotte, Wen Bing and Vivienne played Mahjong without gambling for nearly 2 hours. Honestly, even after watching them play 6 to 7 games, I still don’t understand how to play that game. Why can’t there be an english version of Mahjong hmm?

Despite me not knowing much of anything going on throughout the whole of 6-7 games, it was fun to watch them play. Every few minutes, they would howl with laughter and the room would be so noisy. And a few minutes later when everyone was concentrating on their tiles, it would be so quiet and I would yawn in temporary boredom. It was hilarious to watch Bjorn steal Vivienne’s turn for more than 5 times and she would shriek bloody murder at him HAHAHA ^^

And they were all so determined not to let Wen Bing win because he was such a pro at it. Vivienne was so ecstatic when she won hahaha ^^

Charlotte, Wen Bing and I left soon after and I went home to put my things down before going to my grandmother’s house.

I love my aunty and uncle’s belgian shepherd there. She’s such a darling ❤


She loves people to pet her and stroke her. She’s adorable that way. And she whines when we stop petting her. I wish I had my own dog too. Will probably get a sheltie next time ^^

Charlotte’s favourite dog the Japanese Spitz is so adorable too omgggg~



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