Valentine’s Day 2013

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I spent the day with the monsters in school studying. What an unusual way to spend the day. But at least it was with this bunch of people. So we studied. And we wrote each other impromptu Valentine’s Day letters! All of us also decided to write a Valentine’s Day letter for Char’s honey when we saw her writing one for him. So we did. Hahaha


I even made a collage of them and i kept laughing at Bjorn’s picture but that couldn’t be helped because I didn’t have any other individual photo of him hahaha ^^


They are all so cute and special in their own way. And here’s a picture of Charlotte eating her goodie from Vivienne but in the picture it looks as though Vivienne is trying to eat it instead haha ^^ And Vivienne was so lovely to bring us all cupcakes and pastry goodies! ❤


And that was my Valentine’s Day for 2013! Wish me luck in my exams which are next week!


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