Upside Down (2012)

My exams are over and I could finally watch Upside Down, the film that I’ve been waiting to watch the last few days! So I finally hooked up my hard disk to the television and watched it this afternoon. And I got to say: this show was really interesting and intriguing. The ending got me stumped though, it was like a sudden full stop. But I promised you guys a movie review of it so here it is! ^^

Here we go~

i really like the picture above. It has that myseterious aura around it because of the swirling clouds and looks simply amazing. This picture could also be example to the phrase of being ‘so close, yet so far’. The picture has a kind of majestic aura to it too. Am I reading too much into one picture?

So like my preview post of this movie, I said that this show is about a boy and girl who met when they were young. They live in a solar system whereby there is dual gravity that goes by 3 laws of gravity.

‘Gravity – they say you can’t fight it. But I disagree.’ is what we hear Adam (Jim Sturgess) say while we enter into the movie. And that is exactly what he does throughout the movie.

He meets Eden (Kirsten Dunst) and they form a friendship that turns into a romantic relationship. One day, they meet at their usual spot on the mountains between the two planets and Adam pulls Eden down to Down Below. They enjoy each other’s company but before they know it, they are being chased by the police for trespassing on forbidden grounds and Adam quickly sends Eden back to Up Top. But while he is slowly letting go of the rope to return her to her planet, he gets shot and accidentally drops her to the ground. She hits her head pretty bad and Adam is distraught.

10 years later, Adam has moved on and is attempting to create a cosmetics face-lift cream to make people look young again (THIS IS INCREDIBLE I WOULD WANT THIS) using his Aunt Becky’s receipe using the honey from pink bee pollen. He sees Eden on the television and is amazed to see that she is still alive. He finds out that she works at Transworld, the only place of contact the people from both worlds can communicate with one another and goes there to work, offering to create the face-lift there for the people at Up Top.

Putting materials from Up Top on his clothes, Adam goes to see Eden but she doesn’t recognise him due to amnesia she had from the fall she had years ago. Adam works to gain her trust and friendship but staying on Up Top has its difficulties. He manages to score a date with her. his date goes along successfully but right after his date, his clothes are on the verge of catching fire and he jumps into the lake, shaking off the materials from Up Top, taking him back to Down below by being pulled back the gravity, plunging him back into the lake at Down Below.

This short scene was really amazing, watching him go between the two worlds into the lake.

Okay so anyway, after that date, Eden slowly starts to remember who Adam is and arranges another meeting with him. She’s overjoyed to see him and they have a brief reunion before Adam is tracked down by the police and has to run. He parts her with the following words: ‘I’ll find you.’

How many times have shows made their characters say those words? They’re just so touching and sweet. Even Elektra said that to Matt Murdock in Daredevil.

Adam gets rid of all the materials of Up Top attached to his body and gets pulled back to Down Below. He returns to the mountain where he and Eden used to meet and the two are found by the police again. They try their best to escape but Adam is pulled by his gravity and Eden cannot hold on any longer. He tells her to let go of him and that he’s sorry. (This part is so like Mulan 2) With that, he slips through her hand and is pulled back to Down Below. Eden get arrested by the police on her planet.

While in Down Below, Adam is tracked down by the people from Transworld who tells him that they will drop the charges against Eden if he gives them the key ingredient to the cosmetics face-lift cream and if he never contacts Eden again.

What will happen to Adam and Eden now? Go watch this show to find out ^^

This show is truly unique but some parts are similar to some things that have happened in other shows before. Like the phrase ‘I’ll find you’ and the part whereby Eden was holding on to Adam and he told her to let him go to save her. And the ending stumped me, it took me a while to register that there wasn’t anything else after it and that it was really the end. But I like this story and it’s a good sci-fi romance film.

The visuals were really good in the show, it made the two planets look really real and existent. I particularly liked the parts that Adam transited between the two worlds; the gravity pulling thing was something that I could not get used to seeing it a few times. The music was really good too. At some points in the movie, I found myself impressed at the background music. And can I just say that I enjoyed watching Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst act together because they portrayed the forbidden love just right though Kirsten Dunst was a little stiff at times. I preferred Jim Sturgess in One Day though, it was because of that film that I started liking him.

My rating for this show: 3.5/5


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