Church activities

I’m going to talk about some of my activities in church so yup here we go!

This weekend, I had to lectoring for the Youth Mass on Saturday and I was really nervous even though I knew there really wasn’t anything to be nervous about. I was asked by my friends to go see Kim Joong Kook on Saturday so initially, I had planned to go see him too. But when one of my seniors asked me to do lectoring for the Youth Mass, I was in a dilemma and I didn’t know which one I should go to. After a few hours, I decided that God was more important, and since I was called to do this service for him, I would not reject it and take it up.

So yesterday before mass started, the three of us, Cam, Alex and I were asked by a junior if we were nervous and we were all, ‘Nah~’ hahaha

Honestly, I wasn’t nervous then. But for some reason, throughout the whole first part of the mass up to the Prayers of the Faithful, my heart wouldn’t stop thumping. It was exactly like I was going to do a presentation in front of the entire church. Nothing I tried to do (taking in deep breaths, etc) could calm down my heart rate. I blame it on adrenaline.

But when I went up to the podium and read out my part, I felt that I was doing this for God and that nothing could go wrong if I was standing in his presence, in the Sanctuary. So I did my part and although I made a slight mistake, it wasn’t major and I did my best ^^

And today, even though the session I had wasn’t much, I still enjoyed seeing all of the YLs. They’re a family to me that I can always relate and turn to. And my batch people are so wonderful; Cam, Bryon, Joey, Alex, Jacq, Grace, Kim and others who weren’t here today.

And Tommy is such an annoying titch. But wait, I can’t call him that since he’s taller than me. Sheesh. Hahaha


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