Love Letter from Thief X – Hiro Sarashina

I recently bought a game story from this Otome game called Love Letter from Thief X and I played it finish within two days. There goes my money~

But I couldn’t help it! I really really really wanted to know what happened in the end of this character’s story because this character really intrigued me! And I wasn’t disappointed. Though I gotta say, I wish the game was a little cheaper.

I present to you: Hiro Sarashina my pretty boy! ^^

Hiro Sarashina ^^

I might as well do some sort of review here since I’m already writing about him so… yeah.

Hiro is the youngest of the ring of thieves called The Black Foxes and he’s a huge playboy. His playboy tendencies could actually rival those of Saeki’s in My Forged Wedding hahaha. He’s the master of disguises in the group and he’s a good people reader. Being a good people reader, he’s very good at taking on personalities of those that people want him to be. Also, because of this, he often knows what is on the MC’s mind before she even says it out loud. He’s extremely smart too, with an IQ of 180. He also has a twin sister who is quite annoying at first, but later we find out that she has a brother complex. Hahaha I don’t blame her.

The choices that I chose on the first round were the choices that I would’ve chosen if I was really the MC and I got the Good Ending, which didn’t earn me the last CG. It was kind of disappointing that my original choices wouldn’t have gotten the Happy Ending but I played the game a second round and got the Happy Ending. The Happy Ending was really sweet.

I realised that it was difficult to make some of the choices because the options given to me would be a little different from what the MC would say if I chose it. Some of the actions that followed after I chose an option that seemed less favourable were surprisingly funny and sweet so I suppose they were the correct choices.

Since Hiro is a playboy, he would be flirtatious and everything so when he decided to change and love the MC seriously, I wasn’t sure how to make some of the choices. This is the fun yet challenging part of the game I guess. And he becomes so adorable when he changes! He’s also really funny with his 80’s slang throughout the story.

Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-19-42 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-19-48Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-19-55Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-21-17Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-21-24Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-22-04Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-22-26Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-22-35

HAHAHA didn’t ‘transform and roll out!’ come from Transformers? They are so funny I couldn’t stop laughing ^^


Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-25-05 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-25-13 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-25-19 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-25-26 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-25-33 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-25-40Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-25-46

Awww Hiro. So cute.

Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-26-35 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-26-47

Since when did  ‘growing up’ mean losing your virginity? HAHA

Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-27-08 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-30-33 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-30-39 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-30-48 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-31-58 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-32-05

Takuto’s pitiful attempt at using Hiro’s 80’s slang hahaha

Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-35-15 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-35-23 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-35-29 Screenshot_2013-03-01-16-35-36

LOL. Such a cute baby he is. Even his expression is hilarious haha ^^


2 thoughts on “Love Letter from Thief X – Hiro Sarashina

  1. What I want to know is how you got happy ending. Do you remember your choices? I tested like four times an only got good email me plese


    • Okay I just replayed it and I got the Happy Ending! ^^ Here are the choices I made to get it:

      Story 1:
      – Deny that you’ll fall in love with him
      – Get mad

      Story 2:
      – If you don’t want to talk about it it’s fine
      – It bothers me

      Story 3:
      – I’m not interested in money
      – I’m jealous of geniuses

      Story 4:
      – It’s scary, so leave it at that

      Story 5:
      – Pretend it doesn’t bother you
      – Honestly tell your feelings

      Story 6:
      – Teamwork is important
      – I’m his girlfriend

      Story 7:
      – Please protect yourself too
      – At first I did

      Story 8:
      – I’m a little interested
      – That’s right

      Story 9:
      – You’re like an actor!
      – Stop making fun of me

      Story 10:
      – Apologise about getting worked up
      – I’m surprised

      Story 11:
      – Yes
      – Let’s go right away

      Story 12:
      – You’re right!
      – Yes

      Story 13:
      – I’m embarrassed!
      – It bothers me

      Story 14:
      – She wanted to thank him

      Story 15:
      – What about you?
      – It surprises me

      Last Story:
      – Got it


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