Anime reviews

I’ve been watching animes recently and I’m going to review 2 that I’ve watched so far: Ouran High School Host Club and Special A

I watched these two animes within 4 or 5 days, it was a serious anime marathon. I would sit at the computer for 6/7 hours and just watch episode after episode. But both these animes were really good and funny!

And now I just started on Kaichou wa Maid sama because it really intrigued me. And the character of Usui Takumi T.T

usuitakumi77-usui-takumi-32060291-1280-720 (1)

He’s my new favourite character ❤

So okay. Ouran High School Host Club is about a transfer student who comes to Ouran Academy on a scholarship. Haruhi accidentally enters the Third Music Room while looking for a quiet place to study and there she meets the Host Club. It consists of Tamaki, Kyouya, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai. They all mistake her to be a guy because of her dressing and takes her into the Host Club when she accidentally breaks an expensive vase, to pay off her debt.

Slowly, the Host Club members begin to find out, one by one, that Haruhi is in fact, a girl. They give her a ‘make over’ and she becomes a pretty boy.

She becomes a Host and entertains the customers by being the ‘natural’ type. The rest of the anime is about the relationships between the Host Club members and other short side stories.

I thought that this anime was pretty good and entertaining because Haruhi is so level-headed and the silliness of the anime mostly came from the stupidity of the guys. Mostly, Tamaki and the Hitachiin brothers in particular. The running joke of them slipping on banana skins everywhere they go was completely ridiculous but still funny. I found the ending of the anime not too bad, but still it didn’t feel like an ending. All in all, it was a really entertaining anime to watch. But at times, I would find myself squirming in distaste due to Tamaki’s antics. His reference to himself as the ‘father’ and Kyouya the ‘mother’ would send me into facepalmed laughter.


As for Special A, it was the anime that really sent me into fits of laughter. It was light-hearted and highly enjoyable to watch. Though honestly, I don’t think that the female protagonist, Hikari should be so dense. And she is incredibly single-minded whenever she is challenged to anything. I admire her guts but still, she shouldn’t be so single-minded and dense. Because she can’t ever say no to a challenge, that is basically what Kei does whenever he wants something done from her. Oh by the way, Kei is Hikari’s childhood friend and he has been in love with her since they were children. Hikari is the female protagonist as mentioned above and she is second to Kei in everything she does. She is determined to beat him one day and is constantly looking for opportunities to challenge him in anything. Sports, grades, pro-wrestling, you name it.

Both of them are in an elite school whereby there is the Special A class. It is the class for the top 7 students in the school and they have special privileges, such as having a special green house (A green house is supposed to be hot since it’s a GREEN HOUSE but they treat that place like their place of relaxation. This, I don’t get), a special kitchen on school grounds and not needing to attend regular classes. The whole anime is about these 7 students, their relationships and of course, the relationship between the two main leads.  Kei is especially funny whenever his evil aura comes out because of jealousy.

I think the episodes were rather enjoyable to watch, especially episode 7! I literally rolled around laughing hysterically until my mother came to check on me to see if I was okay. I found the last episode a little weird, since it didn’t feel like an ending (just like Ouran High School Host Club) but I guess it’s just me. Me being me, I read up the story beforehand and knew what should happen in the manga but the anime ended before the good part came so…

But this was still a really good anime. One of the best I’ve watched so far ^^ And the strange thing is, my favourite couple in this anime wasn’t the main leads. It was Akira and Tadashi! They are so refreshing and likeable ❤ Also, these two make the most comic relief moments in the anime. And I love Akira’s character so much, she’s like a girlfriend that I would want to have too~

The best parts of the anime to me were the pro-wrestling parts. Though there weren’t many of it. This scene was in the first few episodes when Hikari and Kei were practising pro-wrestling together. They were so good and strong that they basically trashed up the school gym HAHA

So~ Go watch these two animes!  And now I’m back to my Kaichou wa Maid Sama to see Usui Takumi! ^^


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