Anime reviews 2

I’ve completed watching two more animes and here they are: Kaichou wa Maid Sama and Vampire Knight. I’m actually very pleased with these two anime because they were very enjoyable and intriguing/compelling to watch respectively. I do recommend both these animes to anyone who has the time to watch them because you won’t regret it ^^

Kaichou wa Maid Sama is about Ayuzawa Misaki, who is Seika High School’s Student Council President. She is known to everyone in the school as the ‘Demon President’ and a guy-hater because of her fierceness towards the guys in the school. Outside school, Misaki works in Maid Latte, a maid cosplaying cafe with a pleasant attitude to help her single mother with the financial issues at home. She keeps this a secret and is appalled at the thought of anyone at school ever finding out that she works part-time as a maid.

One day, she is discovered in her maid uniform by Usui Takumi, the school’s most popular but impassive guy. Strangely, he takes an interest in her and keeps Misaki’s secret for her. The rest of the anime centers around these two characters and the people around them while feelings develop for each other unknowingly along the way.

This anime is absolutely hilarious and light-hearted. I loved it so much because Misaki’s personality is tsundere and Usui is just so cute and funny with his impassive remarks at times. This anime knocked the first two anime I reviewed off my number 1 slot to hold that position. Usui and Misaki are also my current favourite anime couple ^^

I was a little sceptical about watching Vampire Knight, because it didn’t seem like the romantic-comedy genre that I like most. But a friend highly recommended this anime and I went to read up on it. Also, on Youtube, there were a huge number of people listing this anime under one of their top ten favourite anime. So I gave it a go and I was intrigued by it. It was definitely a dark story and there were not many laughter inducing moments. In fact, I got pretty freaked out by the Level E vampires. Not forgetting to mention that I was watching this anime late at night when I was watching Level E vampires attack Yuki, the protagonist of the series.

Yes, I know I’m a scaredy-cat, I hate anything that visually scares me.

So Vampire Knight is about Cross Yuki, a girl who goes to Cross Academy with her adopted brother, Kiryuu Zero (what kind of name is Zero anyway?). Both of them are guardians of the school and they protect the vampires of the Night Class while they themselves are in the Day Class. Yuki likes the Dorm President of the night Class, Kuran Kaname because he saved her 10 years ago from a Level E vampire, a vampire that was once human but had lost its sanity. Zero hates vampires and he himself is from a family of well-known vampire hunters. Things become more complicated when Zero is revealed to be a vampire as he has to fight against his own nature to stay as good as possible. The rest of the anime revolve around the main three characters and about the history of Kuran Kaname.

This anime has a good storyline as compared to the previous animes that I’ve watched because it has more depth to it and not so much comedy to distract its viewers fromm the storyline. The story is deep and dark and that’s why it’s intriguing. Even though I was pretty scared by the Level E vampires, I felt compelled to continue watching and see for myself what happens in the end. I found myself positively annoyed by the presence of Zero (sorry Zero fans) maybe because of his white hair or maybe because of his ridiculous name. Or maybe I just didn’t like him hanging around Yuki.

I really liked Kaname’s character because he came off as a sweet brother who genuinely loved and cared about his sister and fiancee, Yuki.  Also, episode 7 was really sweet, with flashbacks of young Kaname and young Yuki’s sibling love. As for the other characters, I found Aidou quite refreshing to watch 🙂

So there you have it. Your second anime review ^^


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