La Corda D’Oro

I just completed yet another anime… and this one was so good. It really touched the part of me that loves music so much. After watching this anime, I feel like picking up the violin again someday.

Although this anime wasn’t the best in the comedy section or the romance section or even the story plot section, it was definitely the best in the music section. Every episode was filled with music and different classical songs from different instruments. It reminded me of how much I used to love playing my bassoon. It was because of the music in every episode and the story that revolved around music that kept me interested in this anime.

This story is about a general-ed student, Hino Kahoko who attends a school that has a department that specializes in music. Rumour has it that the founder of the school saved a music fairy after it was injured and as a reward, the fairy blessed the school with the gift of music. One day as Kahoko runs to school because she overslept, she sees the music fairy of the school, Lili and is shocked. She thinks she imagined it and carries on with her lessons in school. But Lili appears to her once again and presents to her a magical violin as a reward for being able to see him.

Kahoko is reluctant to take the violin but Lili tells her that it’s a magical violin and that anyone can play it. He also tells her to participate in the school’s concours. Kahoko is even more reluctant now because the other participants chosen to participate in the concours are extremely talented musicians: Tsukimori Len, Hihara Kazuki, Yunoki Azuma, Shimizu Keiichi and Fuyuumi Shouko. They play the violin, trumpet, flute, cello and clarinet respectively.

The school concours has 4 selections each with a different theme and the participants would be ranked after every selection. Later on after the first selection, another participant joins in the concours, Tsuchiura Ryoutaro, Kahoko’s friend who plays the piano.

The story follows Kahoko as she realises what music truly means to her and how she influences her fellow participants throughout the concours. She also discovers her love for the violin and eventually learns not to rely on the magic of the violin as well.

This anime is truly a masterpiece in the music aspect and I enjoyed watching it immensely because I love instrumental classical music. I highly recommend you to watch this anime if you love classical music or if you just love listening to instrumental music.

On a side note, my favourite character would be Tsukimori Len because his violin playing is so perfect ^^

Tsukimori Len <3

I enjoyed all the songs that he played during the 4 selections and I particularly liked him playing Ravel’s Tzigane in the Third Selection.

On yet another side note, I think the guys in this anime all had weird hair. Green hair, greener hair, purple long hair and blue hair but blue hair suited Len so well so I’m not complaining!


4 thoughts on “La Corda D’Oro

  1. I loved La Corda. I even have their pieces, and I can just imagine them playing over and over and over~~~

    Really though, the music was the only part I liked ^^; I don’t even remember their names.


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