My Forged Wedding – Sequel – Takamasa Saeki

I finally got it, guys. I FINALLY GOT SAEKI’S SEQUEL! (Y)

I’ve been waiting AGES for this. I know my patience isn’t very good. So this time when I finally saw the update, I bought the game without hesitation, unlike when I was contemplating whether to buy Hiro’s or not.

And I am so glad that I bought it. No joke. When I was playing Saeki’s sequel, it kept making me smile because Saeki is just so darn funny and cheeky. I found myself smiling and laughing in nearly all the chapters of the story. And because the story is more light-hearted than the other sequel stories that I’ve seen so far (Takao’s, Ren’s, Yamato’s), I feel that I will want to replay the entire story again ^^

In addition, his story CGs are really really good. It’s also because I saw these CGs long ago and because of them, I told myself that I wanted to play his story.

So, Saeki’s sequel story.

Takamasa Saeki

Saeki is a scriptwriter as most of you would know, if you had played his main story and spin-offs and epilogue. He is the cheekiest of all the guys in My Forged Wedding. He is also the only guy that calls the MC ‘honey’ and not by her name most of the time ^^

In this story, there isn’t an antagonist like in Takao’s sequel story. The new character we meet, Shun Takenouchi is more like Ren’s brother, Jin, in Ren’s Sequel story. Both of them are not entirely bad. They’re more misunderstood and misguided in some way. And in Yamato’s sequel story, I don’t think there was an antagonist at all.

Saeki likes to speak his mind directly so there was hardly any misunderstandings between him and the MC. And in this story, there are hardly any scenes with the rest of the guys in Long Island, the characters’ hangout bar place. And because Saeki and the MC have such a clear understanding of each other, they are hardly ever angry at one another. Their scenes together are mostly simple and sweet. Surprising for Saeki, though haha. I loved the entire story so much because of this relationship they have.

I was quite apprehensive of the ending that I would get in the end, because when I first played Saeki’s main story, I got the Happy Ending which was pretty disappointing. But I was really happy when I got the Super Happy Ending at the end of 10 chapters ^^ It’s good to know that my choices worked well with Saeki in the end hahaha.

Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-42-05 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-42-12 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-42-19 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-45-17 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-45-24 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-45-40 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-45-49 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-45-58

Haha he switches his words continuously until the MC can’t keep up 🙂



Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-53-45 Screenshot_2013-03-28-11-53-51

HAHAHA his teasing is just so funny.


4 thoughts on “My Forged Wedding – Sequel – Takamasa Saeki

    • Thank you for your kind comment!
      In my opinion, Yamato’s sequel is good too, in his own way. He’s very physical so he and the MC have many physical scenes in his sequel. His sequel story revolves around the question of ‘what is love?’ so he discovers the answer for himself throughout the entire story ^^
      Saeki on the other hand, doesn’t have as much physical scenes as Yamato but he teases the MC in almost all the time I found it really cute and enjoyable while playing his story! He’s also understanding and will wait for the MC to explain herself before making conclusions. His story revolves around the mystery of a new guy who we just can’t fathom his intentions until the last part.
      In conclusion, I love both Yamato and Saeki but if I had to choose which one to buy I would recommend buying Saeki’s because his CGs are so sweet and I find his lighthearted teasing personality more for me but that’s just my opinion ^^


  1. i just love the story of saeki it made me cry the first time and the second time I think it is so sweet PS. have you read the one seduced in the sleepless city


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