The Host (2013)

I went out on a movie date with Sam, Vi and Bjorn today to watch Stephenie Meyer’s The Host and you know what? I think it was really good. It was a better and more in-depth story than Twilight.

So The Host is about this girl, Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) and her struggle against the occupation of bodies by an alien race called ‘Souls’. Melanie is forced to work with a Soul named ‘Wanderer’, who occupies her body and when she discovers that she still has consciousness and is still alive. She absolutely detests and hates the Souls for taking over the bodies of many humans on earth and would rather die than let her body and memories be taken over by a Soul.

Her attempt at committing suicide fails and the Seekers, a bunch of Soul-inhabited people heal her and place Wanderer inside her, hoping to find the rest of the Resistance through Melanie’s memories since she is one of them. Under Melanie’s direction, Wanderer goes to the desert to look for Melanie’s Uncle Jeb, Jared (Max Irons) and her little brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury). Everyone in the Resistance looks at Wanderer in contempt at first because they see her as the enemy but later on, Uncle Jeb and a boy named Ian (Jake Abel), as well as Jamie, come to realise that Wanderer isn’t actually a bad person. They all come to realise that Melanie is still alive in her body, retaining her consciousness and that they can’t kill Wanderer because killing her would kill Melanie too.

The show goes on to show the growing relationship between Ian and Wanderer and how Wanderer comes to understand the feelings the humans have against the Souls and why they are still fighting. For most of the show, Wanderer is also being hunted down by her Seeker (Diane Kruger), who is determined to find Wanderer because if they find her, they would find the rest of the human resistance. The Seeker also seeks a way to fully occupy a human host’s mind as she also has the same problem with her host. Her host is still fighting and occasionally speaks to her.

Eventually, the Seeker gets captured by the Resistance and Wanderer tells the Doctor how to remove a Soul from its host without harming both parties. She intends to be removed from Melanie’s body to give Melanie back her life but die in the process.

What happens in the end? What will happen to Wanderer? And what about her relationship with Ian? Go watch this movie to find out 🙂

This movie is truly like no other supernatural show I’ve seen before and it is really in-depth. The acting of unknown Saoirse Ronan was really good too, portraying the inner struggle between Melanie and Wanderer. And for the record, I think that Melanie and Jared make a way better couple than Bella and Edward from Twilight.

What do you think of this movie? Feel free to comment your thoughts on it too ^^


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