Kimi ni Todoke

I’m sorry to inform you guys, all my anime review followers that I’ve been rather lazy the past few days. And so, without realising it and charging through the animes, I’ve watched finished 3 animes all at one go and now I’m going to diligently present my review for each one of them one by one. The 3 animes are Sukitte Iinayo, Kimi ni Todoke and Skip Beat! Although the order I watched them in was Kimi ni Todoke, Sukitte Iinayo and then Skip Beat!. But all these are great animes and I’m going to take my time to give you their reviews ^^

Okay so I’ll start with Kimi ni Todoke first since it was the most heartwarming one of the above 3 and the first one I watched among the 3.

This story is about a girl named Kuronuma Sawako, a girl who bears a strong resemblance to the character from The Ring, Sadako because of her fair skin and long, straight black hair. Because of this resemblance and her inability to speak up for herself, she is unable to correct people and tell them that her name is in fact, not Sadako, but Sawako, which means ‘fresh child’. In actual fact, Sawako is not at all unapproachable. She is actually a very shy and kind-hearted girl who wishes to do at least one good deed a day.

She doesn’t have any friends because of her problem but all this changes when Kazehaya Shota, a popular guy in her guy comes up and starts speaking to her. The first time the two met, instead of saying ‘sorry’ and running away in fear of her, he thanked her and gave her a smile, something people do not generally do to her.

Since then, Kazehaya became her idol and she respected him greatly. He gives her lots of advice on how to open up to people around her and eventually, Sawako manages to make friends with 2 girls in her class, Yano Ayane and Yoshida Chizuru. But things don’t go smooth sailing right after that due to the start of new rumours flying around that Sawako doesn’t really see Ayane and Chizuru as her real friends and that she’s using them as her slaves through black magic. These rumours make Ayane and Chizuru uncertain about their relationship with Sawako.

Things clear up when we realise that the one behind all the rumours is Kurumizawa Ume, a girl who has been in love with Kazehaya ever since middle school. She spread the rumours because of her jealously towards Sawako, who has been receiving attention from Kazehaya recently.

But all this time through the show, we see Kazehaya’s growing affection for Sawako as her sees that she’s truly adorable and a sweet girl.

The story then goes on to focus more on the relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako. Kazehaya has been slowly, but obviously showing special affections towards Sawako and this doesn’t go unnoticed by Ayane and Chizuru who set them both up on a date on New Year’s Eve. As their birthday present to Sawako (who was born on New Year’s Eve), they pretty her up and I must say, she really does look cute and adorable here ^^

 photo knt2318.png

They put makeup on her and do her hair for her. Sawako’s so touched, she’s about to cry, prompting hilarious reactions from both Ayane and Chizuru XD

 photo knt2319.png

So they take Sawako to Kazehaya and come up with a story that they couldn’t make it because something came up (the visit to the shrine was meant to be a group trip), leaving the 2 people left (Sawako and Kazehaya) to go to the shrine themselves. And Kazehaya gets a pleasant surprise when he sees her.

 photo knt2326.png

 photo knt2327.png

 photo knt2328.png

The episode of them visiting the shrine is a very sweet episode, full of the growing feelings between the 2 main characters.

Season 2 continues with the main idea of focusing on Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship. It isn’t easy and they encounter many problems. What will happen to these 2 in the end? Will Kazehaya finally be able to confess his feelings to her? Will Sawako finally be able to confess her feelings to him too? And what about her friends, Ayane and Chizuru, will they be able to find happiness too?

Watch this heartwarming anime to find out 🙂

Though Sawako is kind of dense and slow, you’ll feel like throwing something at her for most of season 2. I almost felt sorry for poor Kazehaya hahaha. I prefer girls like Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid Sama because she’s capable and strong-minded (although, also dense). This anime is full of comedy too and I absolutely loved all the moments with Pin and Kazehaya because they’re all so hilarious! Also, the opening songs for the anime, both seasons 1 and 2 are very nice ^^ You won’t regret watching this show, honest.


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