Suki-tte Ii na yo

Continuing from yesterday’s promise of anime reviews, today I’ll be writing about Suki-tte Ii na yo, which means ‘Say ‘I love you’‘. This anime is quite recent so there are only 13 episodes. But it’s so good that I can’t wait for its second season ^^ Also, if you want to watch a fast-paced romance anime, this is the anime to go for. Seriously. Their romance progresses so fast – the fastest I’ve seen so far in all the animes I’ve watched – that I was surprised at the speed and progress of Mei and Yamato’s relationship. Also, one interesting thing about this anime is that instead of showing you the title of each episode at the start, the show relays to you the story first before revealing to you the title and why it is named like that. It’s interesting because then after each episode, I’d find myself going to myself ‘Ohhh so that’s why the title is like that’ or ‘So that’s the reason behind the title’ because the story in each episode explains the title.

This story is about Tachibana Mei, a girl who is quiet and can’t be bothered with making friends because of a bad childhood experience that left her scarred with the idea that people will end up betraying one another sooner or later. Thus, to spare her the whole experience a second time, she goes on with her life, completely relying on herself, without having any friends. Until she meets Kurosawa Yamato in high school. He is an extremely popular guy in the school, adored and admired by most of the girls as well as the guys (sounds like Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid Sama hahaha)

The first meeting between Mei and Yamato doesn’t start off well. Due to a misunderstanding, Yamato gets kicked in the face by Mei because his friend Kenji lifted her skirt a little. But because of this strange encounter with her, Yamato gets interested in her and starts hanging around her. He gives her his number and tells her that she can call him anytime. Mei dismisses the thought of ever needing or wanting to call him and goes to work.

Then one day, while going home from work, Mei realises that she’s being stalked by a customer from her workplace. When her mother doesn’t pick up the house phone and with no one else that she can call for help, Mei desperately calls Yamato for help and he comes to her aid. He meets her at a convenience store that Mei’s stuck in and he convinces her that everything’s all right and to trust him. Then, in front of the stalker, who was waiting outside the store for Mei to come out, Yamato declares to Mei that he loves her and kisses her, giving the stalker the impression that Mei’s his girlfriend.

The stalker leaves, stunned. But because Yamato kissed her, Mei starts to have feelings for him. She feels extremely jealous when she hears from Asami, her classmate that Yamato had kissed all the cute girls in the school on request except one – Arai Miki because she was his first love. She confronts Yamato about this rumour and he states that ‘it’s just a kiss, nothing more’. This upsets and disappoints Mei.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Asami has problems of her own as she hears other girls talking about the huge size of her chest. She gets upset but is eventually comforted by Kenji, under the advice of Mei, who has a crush on her and confesses to her that he loves her for who she is and not because of the size of her breasts.

Mei gets angry with Yamato because she thinks that he’ll just kiss anyone without any true feelings. She yells at him that there are girls who will get hurt by it because a kiss without true feelings doesn’t make her happy.

Yamato then shows her several different kisses and Mei eventually stops protesting. He asks her if she loves him and Mei is stunned at the sudden question. He then tells her that if she doesn’t give him an answer, he would kiss her ‘for real’. And from there, the real story starts and marks the beginning of a new relationship between our two main characters.

The rest of the episodes show us Mei and Yamato’s growing affection for one another and how they overcome problems together.

This is a very sweet anime to watch, because I found Mei’s character very likeable. I grew to love her almost instantly because she is sweet, honest, simple and humble. Also, thankfully, her cooking skills aren’t horribly bad like Hikari’s in Special A, whereby a kitchen can blow up because she was cooking something. I’m kind of tired seeing all these female protagonists all horribly bad at cooking but at least Mei isn’t so bad ^^

The many simple but sweet gestures of affection between Mei and Yamato will definitely put a smile on your face and that’s what makes this a sweet anime to watch 🙂


4 thoughts on “Suki-tte Ii na yo

  1. I don’t mind a fast paced romance because too many shows drag things out with their “will they, won’t they” teasing. Hehe, yeah anime seems to be filled with female characters who cannot cook.


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