Preview: Chihayafuru

Oh my gosh. I don’t know where to start my preview on this new anime I started watching. But it has given me so much STRESS and made me feel so many emotions while watching it. So far, I particularly like episodes 14 and 19 because episode 14 was super nail-biting and stressful to watch and episode 19 had a touching and a heartbreaking scene in it such that I thought I was going to cry because of it.

Watching these characters play such a competitive sport is so stressful, seriously. No wonder I never really liked sports, because of the stress and pressure they have on you to win every match. But luckily, there is some comedy in this anime too. I like the comedy scenes between Chihaya and Taichi best because their relationship is so close, such that they can call each other by their first names and say personal stuff to each other comfortably.

I think I’m also starting to love Taichi more and more now because he’s such a good leader ^^

But I’m also drawn to Arata too because I like the aura he gives off. Dayummmm it’s so hard to choose between these two but I would choose Taichi in the end I suppose haha

So anyway I’ll write my review of this anime as soon as I finish watching the first series! Stay tuned~! đŸ™‚


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