White Chicks (2004)

I watched White Chicks on Monday this week and it made me laugh like a fool for around 2 hours, causing people around me to stare at me weirdly. I watched part of this show a long time ago, when I was still in primary school because my brother’s tuition teacher had mentioned it to us. But I never got to watch the full thing because my mother had declared it too vulgar for my brother and I to watch because we were young.

Five to seven years later, my friends mentioned this show again and I decided to watch it, this time, the full thing. And I don’t regret it – it was hilarious.

This story is about two brothers, Kevin (Shawn Wayans) and Marcus (Marlon Wayans) who are FBI agents. They mess up their assigned case on rounding up drug dealers by capturing the wrong men and they are given one last chance to redeem themselves. They get assigned to escort and protect billionaire cruise line heiresses Brittany and Tiffany Wilson to a beauty competition because they are believed to be targeted for a kidnapping.

However, when the sisters get minor facial injuries, they throw a fit and refuse to leave their hotel. In order to save their jobs, Kevin and Marcus decide to become the Wilson sisters and turn up at the competition as them.

A hilarious set of scenes follows as the brothers imitate the real Wilson sisters’ mannerisms well and interact with the people they encounter, including with the 3 girlfriends of the Wilson sisters, Karen, Lisa and Tori.

The last gif is so funny I couldn’t stop laughing XD

So anyway, the girls go for a charity auction that auctions off girls and Marcus (as Tiffany Wilson), gets auctioned off to Latrell Spencer, a rich black guy who is interested in dating white women. The whole auction is highly amusing as the auction fees for Marcus (as Tiffany) goes up to a record high of $50,000 in cash due to Kevin’s help of increasing the auction price. Latrell gets to get Tiffany and he sweeps ‘her’ off her feet hilariously.

Later on, Marcus has to go for a date with Latrell because of the auction and the dinner that they have is highly entertaining. Meanwhile, Kevin takes this chance to use Latrell’s car and house to impress Denise Porter, a reporter whom he has taken an interest in. Kevin makes progress in his relationship with Denise while Marcus suffers throughout the whole dinner for the sake of his brother.

The girls then go to a nightclub. Marcus sees Latrell spiking his drink so he switches drinks and Latrell ends up drinking the spiked drink. The result?

The girls also have a dance-off against the Vandergeld sisters and Kevin and Marcus end up winning the dance-off by doing a series of break-dance moves.

The brothers manage to get information on Vandergeld from a drunk Karen that he is broke and they manage to piece the case together. Eventually, they get found out by the Chief that they are impersonating the Wilson sisters and are fired immediately on the spot. The brothers, however think they know how to crack the case and they don the identities of Brittany and Tiffany Wilson again and turn up at a fashion show. There, they encounter the real Wilson sisters and when the sisters declare that they are imposters, the kidnapping begins. Complete with fire dancers and a chinese dragon.

Also, amidst all this, Marcus has grown apart from his wife, Gina, who believes that he is having an affair after listening to a suspicious phone call with Marcus on the other line and jumping to conclusions.

What will happen in the end? Will the brothers succeed in protecting the Wilson sisters this time? What will happen to Marcus’ marraige and Kevin’s relationship with Denise? Go watch this show to find out if you’ve not watched it yet 🙂


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