Black Bird

I’m going to review the manga Black Bird by Sakurakouji Kanoko because I felt that it was a good manga and that anyone who’s really bored with nothing to read should go download this and read it.

I stumbled upon Black Bird by accident. I was researching on the Internet what shoujo manga/anime I should read/watch next after finishing probably Kaichou wa Maid Sama because it was so good, it left an impression on me. I decided to find another story similar to it but honestly, there isn’t really any remotely similar to Kaichou wa Maid Sama since it’s just so good, it’s in a class of its own. At least, that’s what I think ^^

Someone recommended reading the manga Black Bird saying that it was really good so I went to read up its synopsis and it got me interested in it right away. It’s a pity there isn’t an anime based on it though. This manga genres are supernatural, romance, shoujo, action, drama and fantasy (according to MangaHere) The story is mostly supernatural, drama and romance though.

This story is about a 16 year old girl, Harada Misao who can see demons that other people can’t. Although the demons have been mostly harmless all her life, all this changes when she turns 16. On that day, she gets attacked by a popular schoolmate  who is possessed by a demon. The demon claims that drinking her blood will give demons power while eating her flesh will give them eternal youth. It’s a sad way to live your life, knowing that through no fault of yours, you will forever smell delicious and live your life running away from these fellas. Misao really sounds like Bella from Twilight now.

After the goblin demon has hurt Misao with a penknife, a handsome guy she sees from earlier, Kyou, appears and claims that Misao is his bride. He reveals himself as the leader of the Tengu clan and disposes of the goblin demon easily before licking Misao’s wound, healing it. He then tells her that 10 years ago, he made a promise to her that he would come back for her, seeking her as his bride. Misao doesn’t take him seriously, stating that it was just a children’s promise.

Later, during an assembly in school, a new teacher is introduced and Misao is shocked to find out that the new teacher is Usui Kyou. Kyou turns out to be a childhood friend of Misao’s and the pages of their childhood memories are really cute. It shows us how they met and how Kyou had to leave Misao in order to surpass his brother to become the clan head because only clan heads can seek the Senka’s hand in marriage. Which leads us to the answer of the puzzle. Misao is the Senka Maiden or rather, the Bride of Prophecy that is born once every hundred years. Marrying her will bring prosperity to the whole clan of her husband’s. This explains why she is so desirable to demons, other than the fact that eating her flesh and drinking her blood will grant them eternal youth and power.

Throughout the first part of the manga, Kyou tries to win Misao over and over again, to prove to her that he really loves her and that he’s willing to do anything for her because Misao is convinced that he only likes her because marrying her will bring prosperity to his clan. To keep the demons away from her, he gives her one of his primary feathers in the form of a necklace talisman that will mark her as his. By this time, Misao has more or less already grown to like Kyou.

She meets his Great Eight, who are like his bodyguards and comes to like all of them. They too, eventually become fond of her and much of the comedy in the manga comes from this group of people ^^

They encounter many problems from various people who do not approve of their relationship, such as Shou, Kyou’s older brother, Shuhei Kuzunoha, the head of the Kitsune clan and Kiyo Dodoji, a female demon from the White Snake clan. Kyou sticks steadfastly by Misao through all this and is even willing to kill his best friend if he has to, in order to keep Misao by his side. Kyou is an interesting character, he is easily jealous and to get Misao back for making him jealous (usually unknowingly and unintentionally by her), he would go to extremes and make up an entire play (involving his Great Eight) to make her feel jealous and announce her desire for him. Then he would laugh evilly in her face. He would also purposely send his Great Eight out on an errand when it’s actually just an excuse to get them out of the house so he can be alone with Misao. And they actually know it’s an excuse hahaha. What a guy.

Screenshot_2013-04-27-11-14-44 Screenshot_2013-04-27-11-14-56 Screenshot_2013-04-27-11-15-07

And the things he makes his Great Eight do to get them out of the house…

Screenshot_2013-04-26-10-45-50 Screenshot_2013-04-26-10-45-57 Screenshot_2013-04-26-10-46-04 Screenshot_2013-04-26-10-46-11

But ultimately, we know that he truly cares for Misao and loves her. Or else he wouldn’t  do all these strange extreme things haha.

Black Bird is still ongoing so I’ve yet to read the end of the entire story. But all I can say is that it’s really good and we’ll be expecting to see interesting outcomes from the current problem the Tengu clan is facing 🙂
I really hope the english translations will come out soon~


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