19 May 2013

My blog started out as a personal blog. But over time, it has gradually transformed into a review blog. For this post, it shall go back to its personal roots and I shall write a personal post here.

Of all the weekends I’ve had this year so far, I think this weekend was the best. We celebrated Joey’s birthday with him even though his birthday was already over but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

And Bryon was really funny when he was buying me some time by hugging Joey’s face into his stomach hahaha ^^

Overall, I’m happy and yeah. I think Joey was really happy too because he didn’t expect us to celebrate his birthday at all. The thing was that all the year 3s celebrated with him together (apart from Nic because he left early) and I like that feeling of togetherness. I don’t think I’ll be able to find this feeling elsewhere apart from this group of people.

It’s the 20th of May. And it doesn’t really matter to me if not many people remember what day it is today. So long as the people closest to me bother and the intention is there, I’m happy 🙂

Good night everyone and have a great week ahead ^^


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