A post of gratitude

I know that most of my friends won’t read this post here but as the day comes to an end, I’d just like to say that it was a great birthday I had today.

My classmates sang a birthday song for me in class, then the Monsters got me a cake and they got all the people in our course in our batch to sing along the birthday song with the cake in front of me. Small actions like these already make me feel happy and at that point in time, I could actually say that I was already satisfied.

But knowing the Monsters, I knew that that couldn’t possibly be all. They surprised me by giving me their individual gifts although at the back of my mind, I was mildly wondering how much each one of them spent on each present.

I actually like it when people close to me come up to me and personally wish me ‘happy birthday’ so I guess that contributed to my happiness today. Thank you to all my classmates who came to wish me ‘happy birthday’ and thank you Charlotte, Sam, Vivienne, Bjorn and Danish for making this day special (though at the cost of my request to refrain from spending excessive money, which I know you guys couldn’t wait to break haha) ^^

I came home to spend more time with my family because Andrew was home and we went to eat sushi because I love Japanese food ^^ And when we came home, Andrew went to make S’mores for me and they were so nice and sweet! You can view the S’mores my brother made for me on my Instagram feed ^^ It’s because Andrew doesn’t normally do this sort of thing so I was really happy.

I got a call from my grandmother and aunty wishing me happy birthday and later on got a call from my three cousins wishing me happy birthday and three of them each gave me a different advice now that I’m 18. Alex told me to start drinking, Daniel told me to start smoking because it’s good for health and James told me to start driving. And that when I was bored with life, I should die spectacularly by drink driving and gain publicity because ‘bad publicity is better than no publicity’.

Hahaha my three cousins are so full of nonsense but that’s why they’re the best ^^

Yup. In conclusion, I had a great birthday today 🙂




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