Reader’s Opinion!

I just thought of Kitami Shigure, from Watashi ni xx Shinasai and while I was thinking of him, I was wondering this to myself:

If I could make one guy manga character come to life, who would it be?

I honestly don’t know who to choose between Usui Kyou (from Black Bird), Mashima Taichi (from Chihayafuru), Kitami Shigure (from Watashi ni xx Shinasai) or Kurosawa Yamato (from Sukitte Ii na yo); these guys are definitely my top shoujo manga guys (although Chihayafuru is considered josei)

So I invite you guys to tell me your opinions and choices! Which guy would you choose and which manga is he from? Or giving me your top 3 guys is also fine if you can’t decide like me ^^

It is really hard to choose between four such fantastic guys.

Usui KyouMashima Taichi Kitami Shigure Kurosawa Yamato


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