Final Thoughts: Vampire Knight

I know I told you guys that I have already given up on ever diligently finish reading Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino because it’s too long and draggy and the story line after the first story arc is just too complicated.


I decided to diligently read finish the first story arc and I haven’t completed it. I got restless and my curiosity and impatient trait got the better of me. I decided to just read the whole story line of Vampire Knight online and skip all the dragginess. It took me a long time to finally understand most of what was going on throughout the second story arc and the final story arc but I read my information online diligently.

Okay even though I skipped reading most of the story, I understood what was going on and jumped to chapters that I was interested in. The strange story line intrigued me and even though I knew this story wasn’t going to be a happy ending, I still wanted to know what would happen to the two characters that I felt most attached to when I was first introduced to this manga via its anime: Yuuki and Kaname.

I read the last two chapters on the way to school earlier on and my honest thoughts and feelings after reading them were indescribable. I had a mixed feelings of sadness and emptiness as well as a distant indignation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I felt sad because Kaname had to die by sacrificing his heart and throwing it into the furnace to produce new Vampire Hunter weapons. And years later even after he died, Yuuki still wanted to give him a chance to live as a human – at the cost of her life. I don’t comprehend this thinking as I’m pretty sure even if Kaname were to live as a human, he wouldn’t have Yuuki by his side anymore to find reason to continue living. But I guess that doesn’t really matter since after he’s turned into a human, he probably would have lost all his previous memories as a Vampire.

I mean, if I was Yuuki, I wouldn’t want to give up my life for my deceased love and leave my children and husband (we assume she married Zero) behind. But that must mean that Yuuki really loved Kaname to do such an act and that was just really sad and touching.

I also felt sad that the fate of Kaname and Yuuki had to be like that but I guess the story was never meant to be like other shoujo mangas whereby the story lines make you feel warm and fuzzy inside like Sukitte Ii na yo. In that story, Yamato and Mei just make me love them more and more with each new chapter, though it’s a little draggy. I guess the Vampires in Vampire Knight were never meant to have happy fates from the very beginning. I mean, Haruka and Juuri, Kaname and Yuuki’s parents died from the very beginning and life can’t possibly be that easy for our two protagonists because they’re purebloods and their lives get more complicated because of the fact that Kaname isn’t actually Yuuki’s brother, but her ancestor. His complicated and haunting past resurfaces and they see that there’s a cycle and that Kaname has to succeed the Ancestress in order for the humans to have Vampire Hunter weapons to protect themselves against the evil Vampires.

The whole thing is actually quite sad because it’s like Kaname is damned and this is his fate no matter how much he doesn’t like it. His life with Yuuki for eternity would never come true and never was meant to be.

The part that gripped my heart and affected me was the message that Yuuki left behind for Kaname, conveyed through their daughter.

m047 m048

Here’s the touching message:

m049 m050

The ending of this manga gives off the feeling of hope, with a tinge of sadness and endless love accompanying it. At the very end, Yuuki still wished for Kaname to be happy. I guess the story couldn’t end any other way and that this was the ‘happiest’ ending that could ever come to someone, namely Kaname, who had such a long and tormenting life.

At the end of the manga, he is finally given peace away from the bloody world he had once known, through Yuuki to see the world she saw through her human eyes.

The indignation I felt basically came from the fact that Yuuki died too, even though she already had a family after many years. She is just too good.

Yup, so that’s my final thoughts for this manga Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino. Not exactly my type, because I don’t like feeling sad and have contradictory feelings about the characters that the manga makes me attached to. But okay, I wouldn’t say it’s too bad either. So if you like complicated but intriguing story lines with supernatural themes and romance layered over it and sadness and heartbreak around the corners in the story, then this is the story to read. It’s finally completed too. I feel empty now haha.

Tell me what you think of the ending of Vampire Knight and you’re welcome to share your thoughts about anything in this manga! ^^


3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts: Vampire Knight

    • Yup I realised that a little while after I had written this post haha! My bad 😅
      However, in giving up her life to turn Kaname into a human, she left HIM behind instead as he would have no memories of when he was a vampire.


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