Preview: Strobe Edge

Hi guys~!

I’m going to give you guys a preview of a manga I’m currently reading, Strobe Edge by Sakisaka Io, who is the author of Ao Haru Ride. I discovered Strobe Edge after searching for other mangas done by Sakisaka Io when I was done with Ao Haru Ride because I love the art by her. I also liked the story of Ao Haru Ride so I thought that she would have other stories with similar themes (school life, drama, slice of life, shoujo) and I was right. I’m so glad to have discovered Strobe Edge but it took me a while before I finally started reading it because I currently have A LOT of mangas in my memory card and they’re taking up so much space so I was trying to multi-task and read a few mangas at once choosing which one to read depending on my mood (Vampire Knight, re-reading Sukitte Ii na yo and even contemplating if I should start reading Faster Than A Kiss)

I don’t usually like starting on new mangas unless they’re highly recommended to me personally so this one took some guts to start on it. But once I started reading Strobe Edge, I was hooked!

Strobe Edge

This story is about a girl, Kinoshita Ninako who wonders what love is like. What is love? What does it feel like to be in love? What does it feel like to have the person you like say they love you?

One day, while going home from school on the train, she sees the school idol, Ichinose Ren sleeping a seat away from hers. As she takes out her handphone to type a frantic emergency message to her friends that the school idol is in the same train carriage as her, Ren gets up to get off at the current station and accidentally knocks Ninako’s handphone out of her hands. Furthermore, he accidentally steps on her phone strap trinket, breaking it.

Realising what had happened, Ren apologises and offers to compensate Ninako for breaking her phone strap trinket. When Ninako tries to assure him that it’s fine and that the trinket came from a juice bonus a long time ago, Ren just seems more troubled due to the fact that she won’t be able to get another one of the same kind. Eventually realising that he has to get off the train, he asks Ninako what year and class she’s in before leaving.

Back at school the next day, Ninako’s friend Daiki realises that the  phone strap he gave her is missing and asks her what happened to it. Ninako explains that it got stepped on and broke and Daiki shrugs it off, saying that it was ‘just a souvenir’.

While coming out of the ladies’ toilet, Ren sees Ninako and gives her a phone strap to replace the one he broke, saying he couldn’t find the same one he broke but to please accept this one instead. The phone strap has a really pretty butterfly on it and Ninako describes it as ‘really girly’.

We later see that even though it’s not her usual style as she doesn’t usually like gaudy things, she likes it very much, saying it to Daiki who notes the new phone strap. In the background, Ren overhears their conversation and worries that the trinket wasn’t to Ninako’s taste and liking.

On the way home, Ninako sees Ren sleeping on the train again. She goes and sits next to him, feeling more nervous by the second due to their close proximity. When Ren wakes up, he tells Ninako that she needn’t force herself to use it because when he was buying a phone strap, he just decided to choose that one but didn’t know why. Ninako exclaims that the phone strap isn’t ‘that thing’ as he refers it to and that ‘if someone does something just for me, even if it’s just small and insignificant, I’ll be happy, that’s why I won’t take it off!’

After that outburst, for the first time, Ninako sees Ren’s smile.

So yup that’s the short preview I have of Strobe Edge for you guys today! I’ll continue the review of this manga another time as soon as my school work load is lifted ^^


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