Iya da nante Iwasenai

I decided to write a review for this manga, Iya da nante Iwasenai first before others because

1. It’s intriguing
2. It’s kind of cute
3. It’s short

So let’s go~!

Iya da nante Iwasenai is a manga by Nanajima Kana and it currently has only 9 chapters but because the dates the chapters were each added are all so far apart and the beginning of chapter 9 states ‘Final chapter’, I’m going to assume that it’s ‘completed’. Just assume.

I forgot how I came upon this manga. Maybe it was during one of my scavenges for new shoujo manga, maybe it was due to some recommendation I read online. But the thing was, I had this in my phone for a really long time so I didn’t bother to read it, until today.

The genres of this manga are the usual ones that I like: Comedy, School Life, Romance, Shoujo.

Hasegawa Anzu, better known as An, is a 2nd year high school student who has always wanted a boyfriend who is the same age as her. One day, she meets a bishounen at her workplace, who turns out to be her childhood friend, Rei. Rei is 2 years younger than her, a 3rd year middle school student.

Things change when Rei confesses to An out of the blue that he likes her. An gets shocked but she doesn’t reject him when he leans forward to kiss her. An is confused over her feelings for Rei because he is younger than her and she had never thought of him as a lover before. However, that all changes when she sees Rei hanging around other girls his age and feels jealousy towards them. She admits that she loves him and they start dating each other.

Their dating journey isn’t as smooth as they would like it to be and both Rei and An face problems from outsiders who stare at them and gossip about them; about how An is just using Rei to fool around and how Rei is dating an older girl who may just be using him to play around. An goes through the most insecurities as she is always worried that Rei will leave her and that Rei doesn’t truly love her. She also worries from time to time about what others say about her dating a younger guy since she is cute enough to date any guy her age.

To add to the drama in the story, in enters a character in the form of Baba Kazuya (I seriously laughed so hard after seeing this guy’s name), who shows some kind of interest in An but generally gives her encouragement from time to time. In the end, both An and Rei discover that both of them have and share the same insecurities of ‘what if he/she wants to leave me?’


I liked this manga because it showed us the problems of an older girl dating a younger guy and the insecurities both parties have. I haven’t read a manga like this before because most shoujo mangas are about older guys and younger girls, with the exception of Strobe Edge, but that couple wasn’t even the main couple and they broke up anyway so that doesn’t count. I always wondered what it would be like to have it the other way round.

Honestly, when I play Otome games, I’m always intrigued by the ‘younger guy’ character. Some examples are Mirai Kageyama (Seduced in the Sleepless City) and Hiro Sarashina (Love Letter from Thief X). I love both Mirai and Hiro because their stories are so interesting. I always wonder how younger guys treat potential girlfriends who are older than them too so yeah I get to see just a bit in Otome games. Here in this manga, we get to see the insecurities both parties would have when that happens.

tumblr_mcd8e5NJfK1qla1e6 tumblr_mf6d76AqTd1qla1e6

Okay I don’t think an older girl dating a younger guy is wrong, so long as the guy isn’t too young. It’s interesting and exciting to see what can happen with the girl being the older one. And it’s actually interesting to me to see a younger guy acting all mature to his older girlfriend, in order to match up to her. But that’s just me I guess.

For rating, in terms of

Art: 4/5 (Art’s not too bad, the characters are visually attractive enough for me to keep reading it)

Story line: 4/5 (Liked the story line with the problems and insecurities of an older girl dating a younger guy)

Chapter length: 4/5 (Didn’t really pay attention to it but they’re reasonable. One chapter was 48 pages long, one was 35+ so yeah, acceptable)


One thought on “Iya da nante Iwasenai

  1. All right, guess I need to add this manga to my reading list. Somewhat short (but has long pages…that’s what happens when you’re run in a monthly magazine), has a decent idea, and I’m on the lookout for shoujo manga. Nice review.


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