You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

I finally watched this show after hearing all the good recommendations my friends told me about. Honestly, back in 2011, because the reviews on this show were really good, I wanted to watch it in the cinemas and got two friends of mine to go watch it with me and we went to the Lido to watch its final screening on its very last day. Unfortunately for us, even on the last day of this show, the cinema was PACKED and it was a full house. We weren’t allowed to stand in the back (Duh) so we had to watch another movie instead. That movie was Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

But really, what a bummer. You plan an movie outing only to reach the counter and realise that you can’t watch it 😦

Two years later, I finally got to watch it. And I have mixed feelings about it but I overall, I do like this movie.

This movie was really funny, although dirty at some points. But I like the realistic-ness of it. We all expect a bunch of guys to be like that at that age and we expect a love-hate relationship out of an unusual arrangement of studying between two opposite people. I guess I also like the fact that it is similar to the movie One Day, whereby people’s fates in stories do not always go as planned. These two movies portray the lives of a guy and a girl who meet and they fall in love with each other, but fate wouldn’t have it and never let their destinies entwine fully. I find these movies more realistic than the movies with the usual formula of the two protagonists ending up together (which I love more actually) and so I love these movies too, but in a different way.

This story is about Ko Ching-Teng (Ko Chen-Tung), a mischievous who falls in love with a pretty, honours student in his class, Shen Chia-Yi (Michelle Chen).

After being caught in class for doing something unacceptable, Ching-Teng is shifted to the seat in front of Chia-Yi as ‘punishment’, much to her annoyance as she could be a good influence on him. Their relationship stays the same until one day Chia-Yi forgets to bring her English textbook to class and feeling pity for her, Ching-Teng gives her his and claims that he didn’t bring his book.

He is severely punished by the teacher by carrying his chair and doing squats outside the classroom. Chia-Yi is grateful to Ching-Teng so she decides that she will help him to study and pull up his grades. Ching-Teng is reluctant at first but Chia-Yi is persistent. Eventually, their ‘teacher-student’ relationship brings them closer and Ching-Teng manages to score 75% on a test, which surprises the teacher and the rest of his classmates.

As Chia-Yi continues to help Ching-Teng study, the two become closer and are able to talk to each other with some friendly insults mixed with teasing. Chia-Yi claims that she doesn’t like childish guys, which is a strong trait Ching-Teng has but we see her staring at him from time to time with a soft smile on her face.

As they graduate, Chia-Yi admits to her friend Hu Chia-Wei that she does in fact, like one of the many guys that likes her. And that guy is Ching-Teng.

They go to different universities and there, Ching-Teng calls Chia-Yi every day. Both of them go on their first ‘unofficial’ date during the winter holiday season that year and there, Ching-Teng tells Chia-Yi again that he likes her and that one day he would make her his. Afraid of her rejection, he refuses to listen to what she has to say to his confession and asks that she allow him to continue to like her.

Soon after, their relationship becomes rocky and the two ‘break up’. They stop communicating with each other and with this new opening, Ching-Teng’s friends decide to make their move on Chia-Yi. A-He manages to get together with Chia-Yi and they date for five months.

Ching-Teng and Chia-Yi only get back in contact with each other again when the 921 earthquake struck and Ching-Teng called her to check if she was okay. She assures him that she is fine and for a moment, the two talk about the old times again and lament the fact they were not meant to be together.

The story continues to show us what eventually happened to Ching-Teng and Chia-Yi and in my honest opinion, the ending will leave you with a sad but warm and touching feeling.



This story was really funny, sweet and sad at the same time. Like One Day, it shows us the reality of fate and that whatever comes at us, we may be completely unprepared for it.

This show also shows us how Ching-Teng eventually came to realise what it meant to love someone. And when he realised it, he knew that he could finally be happy without having any hard feelings. And you know what, that itself is a beautiful thing.

This is why I have love-hate relationships with these kind of shows but I find that I still like them. The camera work was really good for a directorial debut. The emotions played out were captured at the right angles to make the viewer feel for the characters. Also, the actors and actresses themselves were brilliant. Especially Ko Chen-Tung ^^

For story line, because of originality, I give it a 9/10

For camera work, I give it a 7.5/10

For rewatchability, I give it a 7/10. Perhaps I’ll watch this movie again in 3-4 months’ time.


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