Final Thoughts: Chihayafuru

So I just finished watching the last episode of Chihayafuru 2. Watching the credits roll as it showed me a montage of the past episodes and all the experiences of the Mizusawa High School karuta team, I really felt that the characters had come a long way and I had journeyed with them through all their sad times, their disappointing moments, their heartbreaking moments and of course, their overwhelming happy and heartwarming moments.

The genres of this anime/manga are drama, romance, josei, school life, slice of life, sports.

I really feel like re-watching the whole 2 seasons of Chihayafuru now but it’ll take a really long time and i would have to go through all those crazy rollercoaster emotions again.

I feel that the characters have all grown tremendously since the first season, especially the main 3 characters, Chihaya, Taichi and Arata. The passion for karuta Chihaya has is incomparable to anyone and it’s because of this passion that she is so dedicated to the game. Throughout the 2 seasons, she is constantly finding ways to improve her playing style by watching others and facing formidable opponents. She is a passionate and comical character who is likeable as a main character. This story in fact, revolves around her, telling us her experiences and making us share her happiness and sorrows.

Taichi and Arata are her two best friends who are both important in her life and play significant roles in her journey of playing karuta and becoming the Queen. Both support her and encourage her and in the first season, we know that Taichi loves Chihaya but she is blissfully oblivious to it. She seems to turn her attention more to Arata, who she frequently thinks of as ‘unreachable’ and uses poems from the Hyakunin Isshu of far-distance lovers to describe her relationship with him. Some examples are:

‘When the misty bridge of magpie feathers comes into sight, The night is nearly past.’


Long last we meet, Only for me to leave hurriedly, For I could not recognize you, Like the moon hidden behind the clouds.’

Her relationship with Arata is actually not romantic but for some reason, it is lovely to me. 

I originally liked Taichi a lot because he was always by her side, slowly falling in love with her and eventually admitting to it. But I think towards the end of the second season of Chihayafuru, I somehow realised that it didn’t matter who Chihaya would end up with because in my heart, both Taichi and Arata are on par now. I guess I can understand why Chihaya would be drawn to Arata because it was he who introduced this world of karuta to her. It was him who pushed her on to become a Class A player. And it was him to spurred her on to constantly find ways to refine her karuta style and technique. In a way, he is much to her admired by her and because he’s always so far away from her, she feels that she has to get closer to him.

I love Chihayafuru and I love all its characters. Even though 2 seasons of its anime ended, we’ll still have the manga to look forward to. A big big thumbs up and thanks to Suetsugu Yuki, who created this fictional world for us all ^^ What an amazing journey it has been for us to journey together with these wonderful characters.

I can’t wait for the next manga chapters


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