Hana to Akuma

I just completed yet another shoujo manga recommended by one of my friends and it was really good. It was full of sweetness and cuteness and hilarious moments. I didn’t develop an intense hatred for any of the characters as the story was mostly kept on the light side with bits of comedy inserted in the middle of serious situations even.

The genres of this manga are comedy, drama, fantasy, historical, mystery, romance, shoujo, supernatural, tragedy

This manga is just sweetness and cuteness overload, absolutely adorable and Oto Hisamu makes you so attached to the characters so much you just don’t want to see them go. This manga is called Hana to Akuma, a story about a demon, Vivi who discovers a baby girl at the gates of his mansion and decides to keep her to ‘pass his time on earth’. However, over time, he grows to love the little girl who never fails to smile at him so innocently and happily. He names her ‘Hana’, which means ‘flower’ in Japanese because someone commented that her smile was like that of flowers.

As Vivi is a demon, he does not age and is 200 years old. 14 years went by quickly and the story starts with a 14-year old Hana as our main protagonist. Hana loves flowers and we can see that she loves Vivi too though, it isn’t romantic love at the beginning at the story. She is just attached to him and she gives him flowers every morning as a routine. Vivi tells her that it’s pointless because he is a demon and if he touches flowers, they will wilt. But Hana just smiled at him and told him that even so, she would still give them to him because she wants to.

We also observe that Vivi has a soft spot for Hana, to whom he only shows soft smiles. But to everyone else, they note that he has an ‘evil aura’ around him as though he wants to kill someone and that he has an indifferent and somewhat nonchalant attitude. He is also noted to be cold and sarcastic at times but all this doesn’t deter Hana from being happy and optimistic around him. With her sweet and optimistic personality, Hana’s existence gradually becomes of higher importance in Vivi’s life. He constantly spoils her even though he tells Toni, his butler not to. To which, Toni would think ‘He says that even though he’s doing it!’ HAHA

Both Hana and Vivi go through many problems together but time after time, Vivi manages to save Hana and both of them always somehow manage to find their way back together. Vivi gradually shows protectiveness and possessiveness over Hana and it’s adorable because Vivi has been her number 1 all along and he doesn’t want to be unseated from that spot. It has also been mentioned that Hana is Vivi’s ‘precious girl’, something that Kaname also said about Yuuki in Vampire Knight. Vivi also hates being called Hana’s brother, which is the relationship they have on the surface to show the public.

Hana and Vivi are also very close as Vivi doesn’t shake Hana off when she clings to him or holds on to his arm protectively when she’s jealous, or hugs him. He even shows signs of jealousy whenever Hana gives kisses to anyone other than him. She also sits/jumps onto him to wake him up in the morning on several occasions and it’s hilarious.

I love this couple HAHA

I love this couple HAHA

However, even though both their jealousy are pretty clear and obvious, both of them do not realise that it is because they love each other romantically. Velten and Eleanor both even remark at one point that Hana’s love for Vivi was pretty obvious and everyone already knew about it except for the two numbskulls who raised her (Toni the butler and Vivi himself HAHA)


The other characters, Velten, Eleanor and Toni the butler are all highly likeable. I even found myself wishing I had friends like Velten and Eleanor at one point too. Velten is Vivi’s best friend, somewhat and the first time he is introduced to Hana is pretty hilarious.

HAHA Velten's response to his introduction

HAHA Velten’s response to his introduction

Eleanor is Velten’s fiancee and she is initially quite a nuisance because Velten says that he doesn’t return her love for him and so doesn’t want to marry her. But later on, once she gets closer to Hana, we realise that she is actually such a darling and a wonderful friend. She reminds me of Akira from Special A. Eleanor and Akira are the only two female side characters from mangas that I would want as my best girl friends.


Hahaha Vivi’s so funny ^^ “And you ‘unconsciously’ destroyed my house.” XD

This whole story is basically about Hana and Vivi and what became of their relationship in the end. My friends have told me that they thought the ending was really sad but I thought otherwise when I read the ending. I thought it was sad, but in a happy and good way with some lingering feelings. When you have read the whole manga, what say you about the ending? 🙂

Well so anyway, this is a really good shoujo manga, filled with comedy and sweetness.

Art: 10/10 (characters are attractive, especially the demons like Vivi, Velten and Eleanor. Hana is cute in the typical shoujo female protagonist way with large eyes, round cheeks)

Story: 10/10 (the story is mostly light-hearted, full of comedic moments and cuteness, my favourite elements in a shoujo manga)

Chapter length: 8/10 (some chapters are unbelievably short like 20+ pages, some are 30+, some rare ones 40+ but I guess it doesn’t really matter because the story is so intriguing and it’s already completed. The range of pages are generally from 27 -32 and the longest is 47 pages)

This manga can be easily said as one of my top light-hearted and funny shoujo mangas and I highly recommend it ^^


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