Mei-chan no Shitsuji

So I’ve just completed yet another manga until it’s latest chapter. I don’t have a great impression of this manga though.

The genres of this manga are Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut

At first glance, this manga looked interesting enough to read: A story of an ordinary girl who is suddenly revealed to be an heiress to a huge fortune and because of that, she is given a butler who she comes to fall in love with and she ends up going to a high-class all-girls school to become more like a lady. But after reading halfway through the story, I started getting more and more confused. I felt that the author just threw in new characters who are meant to be ‘menacing’ carelessly, without developing the story around the main characters fully yet, creating more mess and chaos in the already messy story line.

The genres were enticing to me enough, since I love most of those genres but I felt that those genre aspects of the story weren’t much there. There wasn’t much comedy (to me anyway, I hardly felt like rolling around laughing like I did with Hana to Akuma, which would score way better than this manga in that genre aspect).
Neither was there a harem in anywhere in the manga (I don’t see any harem, since a harem is supposed to be many girls and one guy but basically every girl has a butler so there were guys and girls everywhere, so no harem).
Romance, meh it was weak. There was romance but I felt it was so inconsistent and confusing. Both Rihito and Kento love Mei but both are like hesitating in that aspect. And the romance aspect even took it to the extremes with the insanity of Shinobu and Lucia in the form of selfish and blinded love. Not my favourite kind of romance to read.
What about smut? It was rather weak, in comparison to Honey X Honey Drops, which really lived up to its smutty genre aspect but it had a good story line.

So what does all that mean? It means that to me, this story was rather a failure in my standards. I wouldn’t mind reading its latest chapters if it got updated again but this story was just to complicated and confusing and warped up. The characters carelessly thrown in to create trouble/chaos are just too undeveloped for us to understand much when they DO do their thing (AKA, creating trouble)

I do like some of the characters though, as much as undeveloped as they are. I do like Ryunoji Izumi and Mamahara Miruku, Rihito and Hongou Mei herself. Mei’s character is endearing and adorable and I can completely relate to her. She is an unwilling heroine who finds herself thrown into a completely different world from the one she once knew and she has to adapt to it in order to survive and fight for ‘possession’ of her butler. I do like Rihito, her butler because he is the perfect butler, efficient, skillful, handsome, adept, etc. However, I found that his character was kind of inconsistent and it made me even doubt him of who he’s really supposed to be.

Miyagi Riko seems to be running out of ideas and is throwing in random sudden tiny plots in her story to keep it going. Which is why the story is so messed up.

Art: 7/10 (It’s acceptable, because the characters are drawn quite attractively. Quite only. If they weren’t, then I wouldn’t like Izumi or Rihito)

Story line: 5/10 (It’s messy, it’s complicated, new characters aren’t properly developed, barely passable)

Chapter length: 7/10 (Generally 27-30 pages. I love those mangas with 30+ page chapters more)


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