A short break

Hi guys,

so I’m here to inform you guys that I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a while because I currently have many many many projects and presentations due this coming week and I’m going to be so busy. Gah.

I really wish I can blog a review about the manga I just completed, called Heart by Takada Rie but I don’t wish to write a quick, slip-shot review about it and shortchange you all, my wonderful readers into reading a review that I didn’t write with my heart and soul into it. I prefer to write my reviews under a condition whereby there is no time limit, meaning that I’m free enough to concentrate fully on recalling the story and delivering to you guys the best commentary and thoughts that I write down after much thinking and deliberation. A quick, slip-shot review won’t do justice to the rest of reviews that I’ve ever written.

But because I’m filled with school commitments and studies this coming week, I’m really sorry to you guys that you guys won’t be reading any of my updates for a while. I promise that when I’m a bit more relieved of the school projects and presentations, I’ll write the reviews for

1. Heart by Takada Rie
2. Moe Kare by Ikeyamada Go (I’m sorry this review was forgotten guys)
3. My Forged Wedding – Season 2 Main Story – Takamasa Saeki (Do you guys want me to review this though?)

So yeah. I’ll be back in about a week’s time. Thank you to all my readers for reading my blog! ^^


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