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I feel guilty for being absent for so long since my last post and because I feel guilty about it, I’m going to compensate you guys by writing a manga review. At the same time, I’m also relieving my mind off my business law notes, giving me something else to think about other than Sale of Goods Contracts and Defects in Contracts such as Misrepresentation, Duress, Undue Influence, Mistake and Illegal Contracts…

Ahem. Sorry for getting carried away. My exams are around the corner that’s why T.T Just so you know, all those came off my mind as I was writing and did NOT refer to my business law book just to write those down. My exams will end the week after next so on that week, I’ll be way more free to write more reviews for you guys yay but for now, this will be my last blog post until then so bear with me guys.

Okay so Heart by Takada Rie.

So this manga was introduced to me by my friend (who, by the way is the same friend I keep mentioning that recommends me manga haha) and she told me to try it out because it was relatively short (58 chapters) and it was supposedly funny.

The genres of this manga are Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo.

Okay this manga was quite predictable i guess? And this is one of those mangas that has a great secondary couple in the background, Roko and Yuuji. I thought that the main characters, Shoubu and Yume were entertaining and interesting enough to continue reading but Roko and Yuuji would’ve been more interesting to zoom into.

The story is about a girl, Yume who wants a boyfriend (typical shoujo beginning) and she has a more mature friend called Roko who puts up with her antics and fantasies about having a boyfriend. One day, Yume sees a guy unlike any other she’s seen before, Shoubu, who is a motorbike racer and recently left his motorbike gang. He was so famous in there that he was given the title the Blue Rose and he was known to be the leader of the gang. When he left the gang, his best friend Yuuji followed him.

Yume and Roko accidentally get themselves involved in the guys’ business and as a result of that, Roko finds herself falling in love with the playboy Yuuji. She gets involved with him, despite knowing that he sleeps around with countless other girls but can’t bear to leave him because she loves him.

Yume eventually becomes Shoubu’s girlfriend but she finds herself in all kinds of trouble which Shoubu ends up getting her out of. Majority of the manga is about Shoubu’s growing love for her since it wasn’t love at first sight for him, unlike Yume. The manga mostly focuses on Yume maturing from an idiotic kid to a more matured and understanding teenager and the love between her and Shoubu.

I honestly found Yume annoying as a main female character. She was rather annoying to read and follow as she did crazy, unnecessary things to try and help Shoubu, whether it was to improve herself or make him look better in front of the Probation Officer. The comical part of the manga mostly came at the expense of her trying to do crazy stuff that ended up with her looking dumb and stupid. I honestly pitied Shoubu and wondered just WHAT was it that he saw in this troublesome, useless girl.

This manga was entertaining enough, though not enough to make it to my top 10 or 5. The story had a typical story line pertaining to a simple shoujo manga and it had a really really dumb female lead. I hate dumb, shallow female leads the most. At least Hikari in Special A was one of the top in academics and Chihaya in Chihayafuru had her undying passion in karuta. But female leads completely incompetent in academics or in personality/character are the worst. Yume is like that. Poor in academics and completely annoying to her boyfriend. At least be high in EQ if you’re not high in IQ hmm? Or the other way round. I mean, she did her stuff to the extremes. Like paste her photo on every single cigarette vending machine in her neighbourhood to remind Shoubu of the promise he made her to quit smoking. Er girl? I think we all know and understand that you want your boyfriend to quit smoking but GIVE THE GUY SOME TIME AND SOME BREATHING SPACE. Some parts were just asdfshdkhflasdkhfaskdfjsl to read. Seriously.

No wonder Yuuji said that Roko was way better than Yume in one of the later chapters. I totally agree with him. Roko totally fights for her man and what’s not to like about her? Whereas in Yume’s case, it was way more easier for her to get Shoubu and to maintain the relationship.

In conclusion,

Art: 5/10 (Bearable, but not my favourite kind of art)

Story line: 6.5/10 (Predictable, typical kind of story. Shoubu and Yume aren’t the most interesting main shoujo couple out there)

Chapter length: 7/10 (Generally around 30 pages each chapter so quite reasonable I guess)

So that’s it for this review! I’m going to add another manga review to my upcoming manga reviews list, Dengeki Daisy by Motomi Kyousuke so look forward to it the week after next! ^^


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