Dengeki Daisy

Hi guys,

I’m back after completion of my exams just like I promised and I’m here to deliver to you guys yet another manga review, which was recommended to me yet again and I enjoyed it immensely, though some parts of the manga left me confused. But not to worry, I’m pretty sure those parts that I’m confused about aren’t that important (or ARE they since most of the story revolves around this: computer techie information/knowledge)

This manga was recommended to me by the same friend who has been constantly recommending me manga after manga she’s so cute hahaha ^^

Okay initially, when she recommended me this manga, I wasn’t that interested in it because of the art cover that was used to represent the manga series. It seemed shady and the synopsis wasn’t that promising to me.

Months later, this friend of mine brought up this manga again and I decided to give it a try since I was running out of material to read. I read the first 3 chapters and it intrigued me. This is such a deep, emotional and somewhat dark but lighthearted-ish story. Dengeki Daisy is written and drawn by Motomi Kyousuke and its genres are action, comedy, drama, mystery, romance, school life, shoujo and slice of life.


I think because of this manga I’m starting to like daisies like Teru. Oh well, let’s continue to the story.

Kurebayashi Teru is a 16 year old whose older brother passed away a few years ago, leaving her alone in the world with him being her last family member as they don’t have parents. However, before her brother Souichiro passed away, he left her with a handphone that would connect her to someone who will look after her, someone called ‘Daisy’ and that Daisy will always protect her no matter what.

Over the years, Teru has grown to like and trust this mysterious person called Daisy even though she has never met him or seen him before. Messages of comfort and encouragement are exchanged frequently between Teru and Daisy and Daisy gradually becomes special to her.

One day at school, after accidentally breaking a window, she gets into trouble with the school’s janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku who demands that she pay back with her body, meaning that she has to work for him as a servant. Teru hates this immensely at the beginning but as time passes by, she slowly starts to see Kurosaki’s kindness and reveals to Daisy that she has found someone that she likes. What she doesn’t know is that Kurosaki is in fact, Daisy. Other details revealed to Teru about Daisy are that he is a hacker and that he will only listen to her.

Kurosaki loves Teru but for many personal reasons, felt that he couldn’t be close to her and reveal his real identity. As a result, he treats Teru meanly and sarcastically in real life but as Daisy, sends her kind and warm messages to cheer her up. Teru eventually finds out Kurosaki’s real identity as Daisy in chapter 13 (if I’m not wrong) after being suspicious for quite some time. And Kurosaki finds out later on that Teru knows of his real identity but both of them do not explicitly tell the other that they are aware of this fact because Kurosaki did not outrightly reveal to Teru the truth himself and until he was ready to tell her the truth, Teru would respect that choice and continue on with her life pretending that nothing happened.

Both Teru and Kurosaki go through many hardships and obstacles, individually and together. But regardless of what it is, both of them encourage each other and are each other’s strength. Personally to me, the most touching reunion scene was in chapter 40 whereby Teru deliberately got everyone else to play along with her and trick Kurosaki into coming to wherever she was.


Teru and Kurosaki are really a sweet couple, one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen/read about. Even though he’s 8 years older than her (yes, a lolicon), he seems to be the kid more often than not rather than Teru probably because of his inner demons and that makes up his fragility. Still, the love and dedication towards his princess, as he calls Teru is amazing. His devotion to her is that of a loyal knight and he is willing to do anything for her.

The English translations stopped at chapter 59 but apparently, the Japanese chapters are out till chapter 70+.

Currently, Teru and Kurosaki are not officially in a relationship but everyone around them has already recognised the relationship the two have. The two have some sort of understanding that they care about each other, but cannot make further moves. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what other obstacles they come across in the later chapters since it seems likely that one of the antagonists, Mori Chiharu is working for a sinister guy called Kuwagata (that isn’t even his real name, cos he claims he doesn’t HAVE one).

Dengeki Daisy is really good in terms of comedy too because hilarious scenes can pop of of nowhere in the middle of serious conversations and Riko, Souichiro’s girlfriend is frequently used to comedic effect to threaten Kurosaki whenever she thinks he did something undesirable to Teru. Kurosaki also frequently gets cursed by Teru, telling him to ‘go bald’ which has become somewhat a term of endearment in recent chapters.

Art: 9/10 (I really love the art drawn by Motomi Kyousuke. Teru is so pretty and Kurosaki actually kind of looks like Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid sama and I had a thing for Usui so…)

Story line: 8/10 (Mysterious and intriguing. Deep and serious with action scenes from time to time. Dark, yet lighthearted and comedic at times. Yes, I like this balance. I love the secondary characters too)

Chapter length: 8/10 (Reasonable. Ranging from 30 to 40 pages per chapter. You just can’t wait to read the next one.)

I really wish they’d adapt this into an anime in Japan asdfhsdgfksdflks


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