Hi guys, I’m back to deliver to you guys yet another manga review!

Honestly, I was supposed to do this review 2 days ago but I ended up playing DOTA with my friends so I didn’t get to write this review then. Unlike past mangas whereby they were recommended, I found this one myself. Quite a long time ago, I was on the search for good shoujo manga but I came across Horimiya, which was categorised under Shounen and wasn’t so keen on it. I thought that I’d keep it in mind but that I would read others first. And those others were like Dengeki Daisy, Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu and so on.

I finally decided to give it a try last week or so and I was surprised at how much I liked it. Horimiya had good comedic scenes and the sense of humour was good enough to keep me reading. The art was also good and I liked the characters in the story, though the amount of piercings Miyamura had made me cringe from time to time (I generally don’t like people with multiple piercings)

But I eventually grew to like Miyamura’s character and I can understand why Hori would like him too even though he’s branded as a weirdo.

Horimiya is a somewhat lighthearted manga with funny and likeable characters. The genres for this manga are comedy, romance, shounen, school life and slice of life.


Horimiya is by Hero and Hagiwara Daisuke and it is about a girl and a guy who find out each other’s alter egos they have outside school by accident. The girl, Hori Kyouko is a pretty, popular girl who is well-liked by everyone in school but outside school, she is more or less like a housewife, looking after her younger brother and cooks his meals daily. She doesn’t care about appearances outside school but she is constantly worried that her friends would catch her looking that way.

The guy, Miyamura Izumi is branded a weirdo and an otaku in school. He is quiet and doesn’t have any friends. Outside school, he is a guy with body tattoos and 9 piercings, including a lip piercing. He looks cooler than others would’ve thought and is considered quite handsome, or rather, pretty because he is considered to have a rather feminine face. It’s been even remarked that his feminine face may even be prettier than Hori’s. He too, like Hori, is unwilling to let his schoolmates know of his alter egos. In his case, it’s more difficult as his alter ego would be revealed so long as his piercings or tattoos are seen. This leads to hilarious situations whereby Miyamura would wear his winter jacket over his PE attire in the freaking summer to go for PE lesson because wearing the PE t-shirt alone would reveal his tattoos due to its thin material.

Hori and Miyamura do have their cute moments whereby Miyamura displays his kindness and consideration for others.


Hori first finds out about Miyamura’s alter ego when he brought her little brother Souta home from school and since then, he keeps coming back to visit her home because of Souta’s instant liking and attachment to him.

The story also becomes interesting when a guy in Hori and Miyamura’s class, Ishikawa Tooru is revealed to have a crush on Hori and he ends up getting rejected by her almost immediately. He eventually becomes a close friend of Miyamura and gets jealous from time to time of his closeness to her. Hori’s friend, Yoshikawa Yuki sees Miyamura outside school in his alter ego and is almost instantly taken with him. To help Miyamura’s alter ego from being revealed, Hori hilariously claims that he is her cousin. Hori and Miyamura have their funny moments too.

horimiya-3944425 horimiya-3944427 horimiya-3944429 horimiya-3944431


HAHAHA Miyamura’s so hilariously cute ^^

Both Hori and Miyamura will come to like each other and their relationship is really adorable and cute. You won’t regret reading this manga, really. What better than a love between two people most unlikely to fall in love with each other?

Art: 9/10 (I really like the art. In fact, it was the first thing that drew me to the story)

Story line: 9/10 (Somewhat lighthearted and funny, Horimiya is about the developing relationship between 2 people more  unlikely to fall in love with each other)

Chapter length: 7/10 (within a range of 20-30 but when reading, the story doesn’t seem that short for some reason)


2 thoughts on “Horimiya

  1. I totally agreed with you.. I read it from the first time it published at mangareader, and till now I had it re-read for 4 till 5 times and not bored even once >.<


  2. totally agree!!! hardly can’t wait for next chapter.. bout miyamura, he’s kinda similar to me.. I have 8 holes, 4 in left and 4 in right.. but I don’t have tattoos hehe


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