High School Debut

Hi guys,

I’m back to deliver to you guys a review of a manga I just completed, entitled High School Debut (KouKou Debut) by Kawahara Kazune. The genres of this manga are Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life and Shoujo.

This manga was recommended to me by my good old friend who mostly recommends me most of the other mangas I’ve ever read haha. I was a little doubtful about the art of the manga since this was released in 2004 and I’m quite particular about manga art but when I saw Komiyama Yoh, I was blown away. And I continued reading ^^

Nagashima Haruna the female protagonist isn’t the prettiest or cutest female lead but she’s spunky and she does have a cute side to her. Cute in the adorable sense that makes you just like her and can’t hate. She asks Yoh to become her coach to teach her how to become attractive and he agrees, on the condition that she can’t fall in love with him. We find out later that that condition gets broken pretty early in volume 3. She has a best friend named Takahashi Mami who is a wonderful girl that even I would want as my best friend.

Komiyama Yoh is a year older than Haruna and he’s the typical popular and handsome guy of his school. Girls love him everywhere he goes and because of his cool personality, they just can’t help but love him more. But he gives off a ‘NO GIRLS’ vibe and is understood to be untouchable by them. He has 2 best friends, Asaoka and Fumiya (better known as Fumi) and he has a pretty younger sister who is the same age as Haruna, named Asami.

Haruna used to be a tomboy in Middle school so when she entered High School, she decided that she would change her image and vowed to get a boyfriend. However, her dressing sense is horrible and because of that, no guy ever picked her up no matter how hard she tried. After hearing that Yoh has good sense in knowing what guys like in girls, Haruna asks him to be her coach. Her straightforward and earnest personality strikes him and he agrees.

Although Haruna tries to keep to the condition that she doesn’t fall in love with Yoh, even liking his friend Fumi for a while, she cannot contain her feelings and eventually confesses to him that she likes him in volume 3. Somewhere around this period of time, Yoh starts to change as well. He slowly becomes gentler and has a more approachable aura around him. His smiles even become softer. He admits that he was really happy to hear her confession and they start dating.

The rest of the story involves a whole bunch of obstacles and problems Haruna and Yoh face and how they overcome every single one of them. Both Haruna and Yoh are a very sweet couple and they complement each other pretty well with Haruna being the hilariously dense one and Yoh being the one who is aware of everything and seems used to it all with this comical look on his face whenever his girlfriend is being ridiculously exaggerated or dense.

And because many a times, Haruna is extremely dense, Yoh has to say his intentions directly to her, which makes him really embarrassed, saying quite often that she makes him say weird things hahaha ^^

37 38 39

Haha poor Yoh but it’s cute ^^

Yoh constantly worries about Haruna because she tries to hide her emotions from him whenever she’s upset by putting on a brave front and he knows that she would never openly admit her sadness to him so he wouldn’t worry about her. Yoh’s sharp though, even if she puts up a brave front, he can tell that something isn’t right most of the time. Sigh what an amazing boyfriend. Yoh sticks by Haruna till the end, displaying his amazing loyalty towards his dense yet somewhat adorable girlfriend.

KoukouDebut_Vol05_Ch17_033 KoukouDebut_Vol05_Ch17_034 KoukouDebut_Vol05_Ch17_035 KoukouDebut_Vol05_Ch17_036 KoukouDebut_Vol05_Ch17_037

‘Sometimes I feel like I got myself a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend’ HAHAHA XD

You will love this manga if you’re on the lookout for a shoujo manga with a school setting trust me. And the comedy in it is really funny, the kind that made me laugh out loud. And there weren’t any suggestive scenes at all, which makes this manga rather innocent, lighthearted and likeable. I kind of like this kind of story once in a while without the implications of sex or whatever in it. And Yoh has amazing herculean strength to not have perverted thoughts unlike many other male manga protagonists such as Usui Kyou (Black Bird), Usui Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid Sama) and Kugayama Shuusei (L-DK). For that, I salute him. Seriously.

Though saying that, I do enjoy reading about these male protagonists too because in -ahem- having their perverted thoughts, they tend to tease the female protagonists more and the following scenes can actually be quite funny.

So in conclusion:

Art: 7.5/10 (Haruna may not be the prettiest female protagonist but Yoh is sooooo handsome *dies*)

Story line: 8/10 (I didn’t get bored of it and the obstacles thrown in their way seemed realistic enough. Yoh’s cool-headedness saved their relationship many times -such an amazing boyfriend I know- Even the supporting characters were interesting, such as Asaoka. Up till the end of the manga, I found him a very mysterious character. I still couldn’t figure him out :O)

Chapter length: 9/10 (Generally all 40+ pages. Yes, you read that right ^^ I love these kind of mangas haha)


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