Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi

Hey guys it’s Friday again!

I didn’t really know what to review today but I decided that I’ll review one of the recent mangas that I’ve been reading. My review may not be as detailed as the others because I read this some time ago so my memory of the details of this story isn’t as fresh in my mind for reviewing but I’ll do my best ^^

Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi are of the following genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo and Slice of Life and it is written by Kumaoka Fuyu.

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Sakashita Nanase is the model student: she’s perfect in her studies, she’s the class representative and she’s pretty. She takes an interest in the school’s delinquent, Hana Daikou and gradually finds herself falling in love with him. Along the way, she finds out that Hana is in love with their teacher, Komari. He had even studied hard to come to that school because he heard that Komari was going to teach there. Komari sensei kills all his hopes of ever getting together with him though because soon after, it is announced that she is getting married. Hana congratulates her and although he only recently had his heart broken, he starts to take an interest in Nanase and slowly, he starts to reciprocate her feelings and they begin their new relationship in chapter 15.

Hana and Nanase are both cute and adorable as a couple; when they have nothing to talk about, they start making weird faces at each other and quite frequently, when they go out together and are wondering what they should do, Nanase would suggest studying together and Hana surprisingly doesn’t seem irritated or angry about it hahaha. Her word phrasing in her text messages to him are all rather formal, it’s actually funny and cute ^^

Later on, a new character would come into play, Nanase’s old friend from middle school, Gojou who’s actually quite handsome too. In addition, he’s a model student like Nanase and to make the story more interesting, he’s in love with Nanase too, ever since they were in middle school because they were both class representatives. He asks her friend, Nocchi what her boyfriend Hana’s like and the reply he got was:

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It’s good that Nocchi is fair in describing Hana to Gojou because then she can stay as Switzerland and not be on either guy’s side.

Hana will obviously and predictably get jealous of Gojou and he will settle things with him in a civilized manner as opposed to how he would have reacted to the situation if it was the him of last time, before he met Nanase because she was the one who changed him and he used to be violent previously.

This manga is sweet and cute, good for shoujo manga lovers like me as it has all of my favourite genres included. This is a relaxing, fluffy, innocent manga that doesn’t involve any drama or dark mysteries that’ll make you think and speculate about it 🙂

On a side note, I realize that many shoujo mangas these days have the main couples getting together pretty quickly in the story as compared to last time whereby the main couple could take ages, literally, like 50+ chapters before they get together and become as official couple going out. I guess this is slightly better? I was starting to get tired of that old formula but I admit that it works because it keeps its readers in reading the story and each chapter to find out if the main couple FINALLY got together. Some examples are like Special A and Kaichou wa Maid Sama.

Art: 9/10 (Attractive characters ^^)

Story line: 7.5/10 (Typical kind of story line for shoujo manga, which kind of makes it weak but I still like it )

Chapter length: 10/10 (Almost always 40+ pages (Y))


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