Kimi no Sei

Hi guys,

sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while because of some school workload. Today I’m going to be blogging about a manga I read finish last week, called Kimi no Sei by Sakura Iro. The genres are Drama, Josei, Psychological, Romance and Slice of Life.

iggscans_kimi_no_sei_v003_ch006_p001 Kimi no Sei is the story of a guy who attends a goukon and falls in love at first sight with one of the girls. The problem here though is that both of them have already met, long time ago and the girl remembered him as the guy who used to bully her back when they were in elementary school (if I’m not wrong).

Manada Takaya tries his utmost best to get close to her, even after finding out that she was the girl that he used to bully, Yasunaga Yurina. Yurina surprisingly quickly accepts his apology and proposal that they go out but her acceptance comes with a few conditions.

Takaya isn’t fazed that much though and he goes about trying to win her heart with his sincerity. It is eventually revealed in chapter 4 to Takaya that the reason why Yurina started going out with him was because of revenge and because she wanted him to feel as much pain as she did back when she was younger.

His reaction is that of being shocked but not very surprised of this revelation either. When Yurina asks him if he still likes her even after knowing her real intentions to hurt him, Takaya replied something that I didn’t expect him to answer. It shocked me because it was totally beyond my expectations. Take a look.

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Honestly, when I read up till that last page, my heart ached for him. Maybe it’s just the drawing, the way his expression shows his heartbrokenness or maybe it’s because of those words that show that he was willing to stay by her even though he knew he would get hurt.

It showed that he was sincere in liking Yurina and even though I knew that she shouldn’t forgive him so easily just because of that but honestly, I was rooting a little for him and his bravery.

Takaya and Yurina continue their relationship with Yurina slowly feeling a little hurt every time she sees Takaya hurt. She wonders why she’s hurting inside and slowly comes to realize that she has come to like him. Their relationship goes through a few bumps but because of Takaya’s persistence and sincerity, he eventually wins her over.

This manga had quite a few more heart-aching scenes just like the one above, which was quite amazing. There aren’t many mangas that I’ve read that made me feel so sorry for a particular character so much. I really enjoyed reading Kimi no Sei and I’m pretty sure it was the art and the dialogue that had such an impact on me. If you’re looking for a short josei manga to read and a story about coming to terms with one’s past, this one’s the one to read.

I honestly think that I just might try reading a little more josei mangas now that I know how lovely the stories can be. The only other notable josei manga I’ve read is Chihayafuru but of course, everyone knows how amazing that story is and the latest chapter it has now is only the beginning of so many possibilities 🙂

Art: 10/10 (Not the most attractive characters but the way their facial expressions are drawn in the crucial scenes are amazing)

Story line: 8/10 (Not a very special story line but how Yurina came to terms with her past and learning to love Takaya is done wonderfully)

Chapter length: 10/10 (Extremely long chapters because it’s a short manga. Some chapters can be 50+ or 70+ pages long)


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