Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai (You Can’t Disappear From Me)

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the reviews are back! Sorry for denying you all of my reviews! And because I missed writing them so much, I’m going to write one now yayyyyyy~

coverBoku kara Kimi ga Kienai‘s genres are Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo and it is written by Aikawa Saki.

The story is about a girl, Kanzaki Hotaru and how she chases her love and enters the school he teaches in to be close to him. However, she meets a guy on her first day at school who is somewhat mean to her and in addition, he looks just like sensei! She pays no attention to him though, more interested in the perfect and handsome sensei whom all the girls love.

The guy’s name is Haruna Kousuke and it is revealed that he is the younger brother of the teacher that Hotaru likes, Haruna Kakeru. Kousuke is quick to show that he likes Hotaru; he watches her and pays special attention to her in archery. He even gets to get all touchy, using archery as an excuse to get close to her hoho. He is excellent in the sport and even competes with his perfect brother as a challenge: if he wins, Hotaru must go on a date with him. I think you can all guess the outcome already 🙂


In addition to that, he has this habit of watching/spying on her while she’s practicing her archery.

Things get complicated when Hotaru’s friend Yukako starts falling in love with Kousuke. She then starts feeling hurt and possessive over Kousuke, not wanting anyone else to take him away from her although she tells herself that the one she likes is his Aniki.

Hotaru soon realizes that the one she started falling for was Kousuke and she tells Yukako that she can’t let her have him. Feeling angry and jealous, Yukako does a very bitch-like thing and ruins Hotaru’s first date with Kousuke, one which he worked hard for. It results in Hotaru standing under the rain for a really long time and Kousuke getting angry and pissed off that Hotaru didn’t turn up.

The two become distant, each without really finding out from the other what truly happened. Yukako takes her chance here to get closer to Kousuke, who has now become seemingly detached. Haruna sensei also gets closer to Hotaru and it seems almost as though he has started to like her even though it is never explicitly stated.

Kousuke and Hotaru eventually make up in chapter 12 whereby Hotaru finally confesses her feelings for him in a very weird unusual situation that involves Kousuke getting stabbed by some robbers. They recognize their feelings for each other and become a couple in the following chapter.

Their worries aren’t over though, as Kousuke’s ex-girlfriend suddenly turns up to cause trouble into their lives. Making use of Hotaru’s kindness, she starts to slowly distance the two of them. She even makes Kousuke miss celebrating Hotaru’s birthday with her T.T

That story arc with the ex-girlfriend blows over pretty quickly though, making it seem unrealistic because she repented faster than I would expect. The story then goes on to a second arc with the issue of Hotaru’s family shifting over to Kyushu. With the possibility of Hotaru moving far away from her beloved Kousuke and facing a long-distance relationship, how will this all work out?

Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai is a short, sweet shoujo story that will make you attached to its characters quickly because of Kousuke’s attractive straightforwardness and Hotaru’s innocence. It’s story line however, is predictable but then again, don’t we love these kind of stories all the time? It just doesn’t disappoint. Much.
Also, in addition, although I felt that its ending was acceptable, I felt that there wasn’t enough closure and because of that, I felt that it was incomplete and it could have ended off better.

Art: 10/10 (I loved the art; the guys were handsome and the girls were cute enough without too-big eyes)

Story line: 7/10 (Predictable story line, nothing that we haven’t read/heard of before but we never get tired of these kind of stories, do we?)

Chapter length: 8/10 (Along the range of 35-41? Pretty acceptable)


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