Iinchou no Himegoto (The Committee Chairman’s Secret)

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so I know today isn’t Friday but here’s another manga review from Aikawa Saki, whose mangas I’ve been reading quite a lot recently. I really enjoy her stories because they are short and are fairly enjoyable, good for passing the time. Should you ever feel bored and need something to keep you occupied for quite a while, reading her mangas are great (Y)

On the downside, if you prefer stories that surprise you with plot twists and stuff out of the norm, you might not really like her stories because they’re predictable, clichéd and sometimes unrealistic. I would like to review all the mangas of hers that I’ve read but I suppose that would just bore you all out so I’m just going to review the better ones.

The genres of Iinchou no Himegoto are action, comedy, drama, romance, school life and shoujo.

iinchou no himegotoThe story starts off with Sasaki Ayano, the class representative at a class party. She unintentionally gets drunk and is knocked out at the party. The next morning, she finds herself in bed with Kagura Yuuto, her classmate and also the 10th Head of the Kagura lineage. Ayano is horrified to discover that she’s in her underwear and when Kagura wakes up, the things he say to her suggest that they really had a one-night stand.

When Ayano goes to school, she tries to avoid Kagura but he stops her and almost blurts out about their one-night stand. Panicking, Ayano takes him aside she begs him not to tell anyone about it. Kagura agrees that he won’t but in return, he wants a kiss from her. Desperate not to let the secret out, Ayano kisses him on the cheek, leaving him flushing red.

The secret is let out soon enough though and before it escalates, Kagura comes in to clarify the whole situation to everyone what really happened that night. It is revealed that he didn’t do anything to Ayano and he only brought her to his house because on the way to her house, she wasn’t feeling well and puked all over his clothes. Everyone goes something like ‘meh’ at hearing all this probably because it wasn’t anything gossip-worthy after all (HAHA) but Ayano is hurt that he lied to her about them having a one-night stand and runs away.

Kagura runs after her and explains that he had no reason to lie to her but he did because he wanted to begin a relationship (connection) with her. He tells her that he wanted a reason to be around her and that he likes her. Ayano confesses that she has fallen in love with him and that if he just leaves right after his apology, it would be really cruel. They recognise their mutual feelings for each other and their classmates hilariously are shown standing outside, mortified that if Ayano becomes Kagura’s girlfriend, she would become the mafia wife XD

The couple then typically encounter new characters that will become obstacles in their relationship. They involve making Kagura doubt whether he is good enough for Ayano and Ayano  thinking that she isn’t good enough for Kagura.

Wait a minute, do we see a pattern here? Hahaha

And funnily enough, whenever the two of them get into the right mood, they always get interrupted HAHAHA.

c3p38 c3p39

Oh yes, even though there are always suggestive sex scenes like the one above in Aikawa Saki’s mangas, the characters never actually go ahead with it. So I guess it shows that her mangas are all innocent, clean and sweet ^^

Another obstacle comes in the form of Fujioka Yorito, the grandson of the leader of the Takasawa Group and by the fifth chapter, 3 obstacles have already come out.

Did I mention that Kagura has this killer aura on a daily basis but he becomes all sweet and adorable once Ayano appears? Take a look:

c5p5 c5p6 c5p7

Later on, more obstacles come in the form of Kagura’s classmate called Yoneda who tries to steal him away from Ayano, Ayano’s mother, who is understandably worried about the safety of her daughter and doesn’t want her to have anything to do with the mafia and other mafia groups who attack the Kagura Group for god knows what reason. I guess it’s just to show us that her having relations with the mafia is dangerous, which re-emphasizes her mother’s point.

This story is short, sweet and innocent like many others of Aikawa Saki’s mangas. However, it is as I’ve mentioned above, clichéd and typical. Ayano, although likeable, turns into a weak, annoying damsel in distress soon enough into the story and relies heavily that Kagura would come to save her. She is dense like many typical shoujo female leads and I’m not a big fan of girls like that but she does have this blunt, straightforward aspect of her that I like.

Art: 10/10 (I do like Aikawa Saki’s drawings so I’m giving this one a 10)

Story line: 8/10 (Typical story line but I did like the idea of a girl dating a guy from the mafia. It’s been my fantasy to read a story like this ever since I read about Mimasaka Akira from Hana Yori Dango hahaha)

Chapter length: 7/10 (From a range of 27-41 pages. Acceptable I guess)

As I end off, can I ask if there are any shoujo mangas that have archery in them? I loved it when the characters in Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai did archery and it made them look so cool hahaha. Also, I prefer shoujo female leads with a bit of toughness and independence in them, any recommendations? 🙂


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