Crazy For You

Hey guys!

So I know it isn’t a Friday and I didn’t blog last week but I’ll be writing a manga review today! I apologise for not sticking to my pattern of trying to blog every Friday, it’s just that these few weeks have a lot of projects and school work to complete so there was no time to write a review 😦

I’ll do my best to give you guys a review every week I promise okay?

So today I’m going to review Crazy For You by Shiina Karuho. If you type ‘Crazy For You’ into the search bar in a manga website like, three results will appear so choose the one by Shiina Karuho if you wish to read this manga after reading finish this review alright? ^^

crazyforyou050001Crazy For You‘s genres are Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life and Shoujo. My friend recommended it to me, therefore I decided to give it a try.

In my honest opinion, this story was very similar to Strobe Edge. Let me reiterate that again. This story is VERY similar to Strobe Edge by Sakisaka Io. If you have read Strobe Edge before, you’d probably know what kind of story Crazy For You is by now.

Have you guessed it?

Yes, Crazy For You is a story whereby the female protagonist falls in love with a guy (the male protagonist) but he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings because he’s already in love with someone else. In Strobe Edge, it was because the male protagonist already had a girlfriend. In Crazy For You, it is because the male protagonist is already in love with the female protagonist’s best friend.

The story is pretty typical in the sense that Takamura Sachi falls in love with Yuki at first sight. Because she’s new at this, she becomes all giddy with happiness and cute and adorable because she’s so in love. She becomes good friends with Yuki, who’s the type of person who is aloof and loose when it comes to relationships with girls.

Sachi’s good friend, Akemi tells her that Yuki’s no good for her because he’ll break her heart but Sachi being the pure, idiotic heroine says if that’s the case, she’ll just let him do so then. Or something like that.

crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg029 crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg030

When Sachi asks Yuki if he ever had someone he truly loved, Yuki tells her that he does. The person turns out to be Akemi and it is revealed to everyone that Yuki likes Akemi when she goes to visit him at his apartment one day and he kisses her. It breaks Yuuhei (Akemi’s boyfriend) and Sachi’s hearts to witness their loved ones kissing each other.

Throughout the whole story, there will be lots of heartbreak and sadness all around the typical story.

Ready for it?
(if you do not wish to know the story, then please skip this next whole paragraph)


Sachi falls in love with Yuki – Yuki is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Akemi – Akemi is with Yuuhei to run away from her feelings towards Yuki – Yuki’s best friend, Akahoshi Eiji falls in love with Sachi from seeing her being in love with Yuki – Sachi tries to forget Yuki by going out with Akahoshi after he rejects her but eventually realises that she can’t continue doing so and ‘dumps’ him – Akemi dumps Yuuhei to go back to Yuki but isn’t satisfied and happy – Yuuhei gets back on his feet and is found out that he still loves Akemi no matter what – Akemi starts to turn her gaze back to Yuuhei but isn’t sure why – Akemi dumps Yuki to find her own happiness herself – Yuki drops into ‘depression’ of heartbreak – Sachi returns to give him hope and save him.


Anyway, despite the typical story line that’s of the more realistic spectrum in the shoujo manga world, I really did like certain elements of this story. One is Sachi’s personality. She’s what everyone calls an idiot because she’s too trusting and naive. She always sees the good in others and refuses to believe that they’ll betray her. She’s straightforward and clear in her feelings and she doesn’t want to use others – this is shown when she shows reluctance to date Akahoshi to forget Yuki even though he says it’s okay to use him. But I like this innocent and pure side of her. It’s nice to see a female protagonist like that who is so kind and pure to others that they just can’t bear to hurt her because she trusts them too much. It makes her cute, adorable and more girly, which suits her.

crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg040crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg041crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg042 crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg043

Yes, I know. She’s an idiot but you feel like you just can’t hate her

Akemi ended up becoming the ‘baddie’ more or less but I don’t think it’s really her fault. What made her the ‘baddie’ was her indecisiveness and swaying heart. But I think a character like her was essential and because of all the heartbreak she caused others, she could finally see the flaws she needed to mend in her life.

Akahoshi was the main source of comedic relief, which was good cos his character was so funny – sarcastic and humorous at the same time.

Yuki’s character is the typical bad boy, handsome but a player. It was hard to like his character because I know I should because he’s the male protagonist but I shouldn’t too because he’s such a jerk. But really, all Yuki is is insecure and unsure of himself. He has this low self-esteem whereby he thinks everyone hates him and thinks he’s a use-and-go kind of person whereby they use them then throw him aside once they’re tired of him. Sachi is the one who brings him back up from that hole of insecurity but he doesn’t admit that he wants her around because he likes her. He tells Sachi that he wouldn’t be able to stand it if she hated him and that she’s the one person he can’t be together with.

crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg044 crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg045crazy_for_you_v01_ch01_pg046

I do think that the ending was weirdly rushed. After a serious heartbreak from breaking up with Akemi, it only took him a chapter or two to realise his feelings for Sachi and ran after her to tell her that he wanted to be with her. If it was me, I’d be like, dude, are you sure you like me or are you just using me to forget Akemi? But because it’s a shoujo manga so we must have a happy ending with the two protagonists right? Sweet, but a little unrealistic.

Art: 7/10 (It’s very similar to the art in High School Debut though Yoh was way more handsome than Yuki)

Story line: 7/10 (Typical shoujo story leaning more on the ‘realistic’ side. The more ‘unrealistic’ side would of course be ‘love at first sight’ stories)

Chapter length: 8/10 (Within a range of 40 to 50+ pages)



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