Fruits Basket

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So it’s Friday again and thank god for that, this week was a crazy week full of rushing projects and stress that for a moment earlier on today, I even asked my friend if this week was still the first week of school. He said yeah. It seemed like such a long week perhaps because so many things happened this week.

So I’m going to take a break from writing manga reviews and write an anime review this week instead!

*cue applause*

I watched Fruits Basket a while ago and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I can’t remember what made me start watching it. I think while researching for good shoujo manga/anime to watch AGAIN, I stumbled upon Fruits Basket again and decided to just give it a try. I watched the first episode of it and was intrigued at how humourous and likeable the characters were. Tohru was just so endearing, Kyou was so full of vigor and was sort of a tsundere(?) and – Yuki was so perfect T.T

So anyway just some background on Fruits Basket, it is based on the manga of the same name, by Takaya Natsuki. The genres are Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo, Slice of Life and Supernatural


Tohru is a 16-year-old girl who loses her mother in an accident and as a result, she is left without a home and has to live with her paternal grandfather. Soon after, her grandfather decides to renovate his house and tells Tohru that he would be staying with his children. Not wanting to impose on her relatives and cause trouble for her grandfather, Tohru lies to him saying that she’d have no problem at all and stay with a friend until the renovation is over.

Tohru pitches up a tent in a somewhat forested area and stays there until she is found by Sohma Shigure and her classmate, Sohma Yuki. They observe the situation she’s in and after listening to her story, invite her to stay with them. Tohru also meets Sohma Kyou, Shigure and Yuki’s cousin. Shortly after her move-in, she discovers that the Sohmas turn into different animals when they are hugged by someone of the opposite gender. She is told that they are cursed by the vengeful spirits of the Zodiac animals and that they transform when they feel nervous too and is sworn to secrecy. Shigure is the spirit of the dog, Yuki the spirit of the rat and Kyou the spirit of the cat.


They transform back into their human bodies after a period of time that varies and the funny thing here is that when they transform back, they would be completely naked. Tohru’s experience of this the very first time was hilarious XD


Along the way, through Tohru’s optimistic and cheerful nature, she starts to open up the people around her and everyone grows to love her. She helps to bring Yuki out of his shell and be more comfortable with himself and she softens Kyou’s heart. She also meets the rest of the Zodiac members to much of her excitement. With each new member that she encounters, she realises that they are all damaged in one way or another and Tohru heals them with encouragement, advice and acceptance.

As time goes by, Kyou and Yuki both start to have feelings for this amazing and extraordinary girl who changed everyone’s outlook of their lives and even start to have a tentative relationship whereby they’re somewhat nicer to each other. However, it’s not all happiness and fun; when Akito the head of the Sohma family is told about Tohru, he decides to let her memory stay and watch her actions. He later begins to intimidate and mock her for trying to find out too much about the Sohmas and meddle in their affairs. But this is only the beginning and Kyou also holds a dark secret within himself.

What will happen to Tohru and the Sohma family? Can she be of further help to them and maybe even break their curse? Watch the anime to find out the first arc of the story ^^

– Final Thoughts –

Some final thoughts I have about this anime was that it was a little different from the manga near the end and that the Prince Yuki fan club was totally ridiculous. Although fans of Fruits Basket who originally read the manga would be against the fact that Yuki was present in the scene of the last episode, I think those who watched the anime first like me would be fine with it because Yuki was so lovable. I really liked Yuki and how he grew as a character, the fact that he was there in that last episode doesn’t make a big change to the story so it’s fine with me. The main point of it was that Tohru cared for Kyou and she did show him the acceptance that no one else did, as was in the manga.

The Prince Yuki fan club was really annoying and ridiculous, though maybe necessary(?) to the story. Right in the first episode, you’ll be smacked in the face with their stupid Prince Yuki fan club cheer dance and you wonder to yourself why such girls even exist haha. There will even be 2 episodes focusing on the Prince Yuki fan club, which kind of disappointed me a little because these people aren’t important in the story and needn’t even have their own sidestory because they aren’t worth writing about. But whatever, they bring in a new kind of stupid into the story I guess.

Fruits Basket is a coming-of-age story and it really taught me a lot of lessons about accepting yourself and learning to smile for others and being who you are. It is a wonderful story and one of the best shoujo animes I’ve seen so far (excluding the episodes with the ridiculous Prince Yuki fan club of course). I highly recommend this show and once you’ve finished watching it, it’d be good to continue the story by reading the manga. Yuki and Kyou’s constant duels are entertaining to watch and it’s funny to see how they bicker with each other too.  The other Zodiac characters are just as interesting and quirky such as Ayame, Yuki’s older brother and Hatori, who has a cynical sense of humour. Also, Kisa and Momiji are really cute and the relationship between Kyou and Kagura is just hilarious.


Rating: 10/10 overall


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  1. Arigato! Arigato! Arigato! I love Fruits Basket with all my heart! It makes me so sad to think that it’s over. Arigatogozaimashita!


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